Roy Marples’ family and friends sharing dhcpcd


Roy, get well soon.  Get some quantity of mushrooms or even go to the real forest and eat them off of tree branches.  It is how nature intended healing for its forest children.

Roy Marples is the man behind dhcpcd for many years.  Despite my disliking of this package, and its systemd automation approach to a paternalistic networking setup, particularly writing and rewriting over your DNS setup providing dns characteristics of your router (which may not be yours) and not the system itself, I have to admit its superior reliability.

If you are new and lost, you boot up and your ethernet is not connecting, the quickest, easiest, most reliable solution to it all is dhcpcd.  If dhcpcd can’t connect you, chances are the cable is broken or the router has gone belly up!

Long live and family

But I am not here to criticize dhcpcd, Roy Marples would have wanted me to, I am here to display a difference between one dedicated “person” to the cause of open code and “freely shared” software, against a multinational corporation writing without a human name and face.  Roy has a partner and school aged children, and his partner contributes to the support of this family by working in a job that in the modern western world is not enough to support a 3-4 member family adequately.  Very basic things will be missed without the contributions to Roy’s budget.

We, the open-free-foss…. whatever, community should provide a safety net for our own, not for the IBMs or the Oracles, Googles, and faCIAbooks, NoSuchAgencies, or the HPs, or the AT&Ts Bells and whistles, but to a real human being and his family.  We should be the insurance that this can work, do not succumb to the pressures of becoming a faceless employee of a multinational, it is worth being one that shares among those who respect sharing.  Unfortunately not all “users” of open free software deserve to consume “FREE” for “free”.  This call is for the rest of us, who share, don’t consume, don’t exchange.

I hope the new maintainer of dhcpcd adds a link to the support channel to Roy’s family for as long as dhcpcd exists.  A tiny little bit each can contribute, can collectively make a difference.  Some more bread, rice, vegetables, milk, some roofing tiles, some oil for the heater, some lights for reading (essential to freedom), maybe even the high cost of ISP ethernet connection for having more to read than you can handle in a lifetime, or two.

Hopefully Roy’s condition will be reverted, and he can come back and say it is not needed, he is back to what he was normally doing.  Till then, we can help.

Let us show that TRUE OPEN and TRUE FREE sharing community is at least morally superior to the trash multinational corporations put out, which is exactly the very same reason that Roy’s family can’t survive without BOTH people providing.

And Roy, if in your next form Shiva and Kali turn you into a spider, you can live here with me, I don’t bother them, they help and I help them.  Even when they drop right into the middle of my screen, I lead them back to the room corner.

Corporations are lifeless, the only thing that keeps them alive is your obedience and your submission to the terror of state domination.  The reason we can not have autonomous roof, food, life, and information sharing.  The reason we depend for everything on those terrorists is our own choice to submit to their power and wealth.  We are all dying from this cancer our planet has been infected by.


In Solidarity to our own Roy Marples and family!


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