Review: Nutyx GNU-Linux, if you play your “cards” right

Note1 (Nov-05-2020):  We have been informed that Nutyx has converted to full use of systemd.  There will be no more coverage of this distribution on this site.  Unless this is an unofficial fork of Nutyx which replaces its init with systemd.  If you know whether this is true or false please comment below and we would be happy to correct the record.

Note2 (Dec-17-2020):  Unfortunately this is true and our final story on Nutyx is published in a new article.

logo_nutyx_120A few days ago, while I was scanning through the site’s statistics I noticed that a search in google had lead here and the search term was Nutyx.  I remember seeing the name on the long list of Linux without systemd and the more recent one based on distrowatch but I never had a chance to take a closer look.  So the search had caught the name on the list and I decided I should give it a spin.

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New Artix LXQT runit and OpenRC iso images


artix-lxqt-runit-gremlins-20181004-x86_64.iso Oct 4 2018
854.2 MB
artix-lxqt-runit-gremlins-20181004-x86_64-pkgs.txt Oct 4 2018 12.0 kB
artix-lxqt-openrc-gremlins-20181004-x86_64.iso Oct 4 2018 857.2 MB
artix-lxqt-openrc-gremlins-20181004-x86_64-pkgs.txt Oct 4 2018 12.2 kB

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Brief review of RedCore (a Gentoo fork)

Redcore is yet another distribution consciously staying away from systemd, it is part of their “philosophy” as it is for Artix and Devuan.  Redcore is a fork of Gentoo in a non Gentoo kind of way.  In Gentoo you built all packages from source and you built the system piece by piece instead of doing an installation where an already built system is copied into your drive intact and ready to boot.  Redcore takes that step to avoid you of all the trouble (days of work, reading, compiling and configuring) and builds the Gentoo packages incorporating the most common hardware it may adopt to. Continue reading

Artix display managers and Openbox or LXDE

I am amazed how well Artix has been running and once you get comfortable it appears to be among the simplest to configure linux distributions.

Artix initially came with sddm as a display manager and LXQT as its default desktop, for those that need one.  To see how alternatives are able to work I tried lightdm which I am comfortable with for years.  It run very well but came with the same boring login screen that is the lightdm constant basic login screen.  It does what is needed simply and reliably.

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Thoughts on window managers

From what it was revealed on the Manjaro forum the emphasis is on the core of the system and not the window managers.  LXQT is an evolution of LXDE to be based on QT that is a base that somehow isolates it from the remaining system below.  If QT base can be installed lxqt will run uniformly across distributions and display managers.  At least that is what is known in theory.  LXQT can always be held responsible for non qt packages that involve GUIs, but they have done a relatively good job to QTize everything that has been running on LXDE. Continue reading