Artix new repository structure for testing [gremlins]

The new repository structure for testing in artix follows the pattern of arch and substituting labels to avoid confusion.

Gremlins is the term for what Arch calls testing, and goblins is the term for what Arch calls staging (where dev.’s place new packages while they are being debugged and getting ready for production –> testing).  For users not willing to contribute to development, other than “testing” their work, goblins is no place to be.  Most certainly things will be “broken” in goblins, and if they weren’t they would be in testing, or to be distribution correct “gremlins”.  For stable users, nothing has changed. Continue reading

Artix: missing dependency and how to get it – [arch-testing]

This only applies to those using Artix-Testing and have no previous Arch-linux experience.
Today some meandering in the system-testing directory resulted in a package upgrade of libpsl that requires an additional pkg, libidn2.

If you use Artix testing repos, you should also use Arch testing repo, libidn2 is there and soon will be in ours.

You say “should” but this is the first time I encounter such a rule. Continue reading

Artix testing – still very stable

Updates/additions on Sept.14 2017

Artix, although unofficially announced, has indirectly announced its testing distribution which I have already tried, with many common packages found on desktops, openbox, and some lxde packages and lxpolkit on amd64.  No problems reported yet, and most of the forum members seem to instantly jumped and tried it.

The procedure is simple:

Instructions as I see them clear, because much of the information mentioned on the forum discussion seemed very confusing.

edit /etc/pacman.conf and uncomment the [system-testing] and the line below it. Continue reading

WARNING about Devuan endeavors/enDevuanors

Please read this if not the release notes before you click upgrade.  Jessie, stable Devuan, has full care and attention of the Devuan team of developers.  Ascii (the name of an other minor planet) which is Devuan-testing, has had minor initial attention and screening.  It is very unstable and already has proven semi-problematic.  It is by far a mild revision of straight Debian-Stretch.  No warranties that things will not break or pull in systemd dependencies and dependants.  Ceres (a third minor planet in the name sequence), Devuan-Unstable, is not even Debian-buster (testing), it is a copy of the Debian-unstable/Sid repository.  There is no Devuan intervention in this repository at all.  It is beyond even the scope of the Devuan team to be testing it. Continue reading