Brief look at FigOS and upgrade to ascii

According to the “officially official” devuan forum administrator, FigOS is not a Devuan derivative because it is also based on Refracta and another distribution (puppy).  I run FigOS live, the latest version 2.6 and I really was looking for the puppy aspects of it, since it is not Devuan, which I have been keeping a distance of.  I am not too much of a fun of iceWM and gdm and xfce4 stuff, so I transfromed every desktop part into my familiar openbox.  I left everything else in tact.  It installed as reliably and easily as anything utilizing the Refracta tools marvel.  Nothing else works as reliably as this installer.  Continue reading

Brief review of AntiX – a pleasant surprise

“antiX Magic” in an environment suitable for old and new computersantiX Linux

We had tried in the past to install and run Antix and due to hardware issues we have to admit we did not try that hard. Now that we have access to a greater variety of hw we decided to give it an new try, and with a fresh Antix-17 iso code named Heather Heyer after the anti-fascist activist who was run over by a white supremacist in Charlottsville Virginia this past year. Continue reading

Refracta 9 and Obarun excellence + Artix

The Refracta team is throwing out a glimpse of the nearly ready Devuan 2.0 (ascii) with a new iso release that can be found here:

Devuan 2 Ascii OpenRC eudev = Refracta9

Check out my kernel version 4.15 Can you tell it is running on OpenRC? All those green and and blue OKs while it is booting up it is proof that it is!

I made several installations of the same system in various machines, some being 10yrs old.  Not a problem.  I also installed OpenRC on them and replaced the sysv-rc and it  runs fine.  I can’t really say there is a difference while running it with OpenRC but Ram use is low while coming to an idle on the desktop.  (I only use Openbox).  Experts say that when you upgrade from Continue reading

Manjaro is purging all OpenRC & nosystemd pkgs from its repository

Today is/was 9/9/2017, a landmark for Manjaro.

“Sometime in September” suddenly became today.  That was the response by Manjaro officials about the timeframe that Manjaro-OpenRC would no longer be supported, over a month ago.  This announcement came through the Manjaro forum with a link to the repository update.  OpenRC and eudev, among many others linked to them are no longer on the Manjaro repository.  Officially this makes Manjaro a systemd-only distribution just like Debian.  Is disk space so expensive and scarce that those packages had to be purged, even though it wouldn’t automatically work for most users to try and purge systemd and install sysvinit/OpenRC?  Who are we kidding?

If you find such an official statement by Manjaro anywhere publicly please let us know where, so we can add a copy here for the record.  You don’t think they are making this political move silently so not to attract any suspicious criticism, do you?


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