Why was Nutyx dropped from our lists


In our initial review of Nutyx, more than a year ago, we did not see a distro struggling for identity, we applauded their effort to make a linux system work without components of the pest (systemd, pulseaudio, gnome, wayland, etc.) but independently using the “stable” consolekit2, sysvinit as tried and refined for decades, and their very own tool for package management, cards.  Revisiting it now, after comments on our list of linux distributions without systemd, we were both disappointed and curious on why and how they did such a thing.  We have seen others go, but they were more like forks of a system than an independent distribution.  Like ArchBang, the fleadog of flea dogs. Continue reading

Keep It Simple Stupid Linux, Kiss for short


I’d like to inform you about my new Linux distribution called KISS.

https://getkiss.org https://k1ss.org https://k1ss.org/projects


Independent (not based on anything else).
Source based (like gentoo or crux).
Busybox coreutils.
Busybox init (busybox includes runit style services, sysvinit style services or plain shell scripts)
Musl libc.
No dbus.
No pam.
No polkit.
No systemd.
No gettext/intltool.
Packages compile without Telemetry/tracking.

Dylan Araps

 ██ ▄█▀ ██▓  ██████   ██████
 ██▄█▒ ▓██▒▒██    ▒ ▒██    ▒
▓███▄░ ▒██▒░ ▓██▄   ░ ▓██▄
▓██ █▄ ░██░  ▒   ██▒  ▒   ██▒
▒██▒ █▄░██░▒██████▒▒▒██████▒▒
▒ ▒▒ ▓▒░▓  ▒ ▒▓▒ ▒ ░▒ ▒▓▒ ▒ ░
░ ░▒ ▒░ ▒ ░░ ░▒  ░ ░░ ░▒  ░ ░
░ ░░ ░  ▒ ░░  ░  ░  ░  ░  ░
░  ░    ░        ░        ░


Update 02/22/2020

by Oneirosopher:


Hi yee all,

I’m not in charge of KISS Linux, just interested by this distro –which I have not installed by the way.

The link to KISS Linux is broken. The former site seems abandoned. Please now follow:


It seems that the same Dylan has also conceived neofetch & sowm



Adélie Linux – work in progress


https://www.adelielinux.org/ I’d like to draw your attention to a young and promising project called Adélie Linux.  Adélie Linux is a Free, Libre operating system based on the Linux kernel. Their goals of full POSIX® compliance, built on musl compatibility with a wide variety of computers, and ease of use without sacrificing features set them apart from most other Linux distributions.  Sysvinit, openrc, and S6 are available to customize your installation to specific needs.  Adélie Linux is also independent and built from the ground up, not based on major distributions (Arch, Debian), or Gentoo, or Alpine, as some will immaturely conclude.

Download 1.0-BETA1

Edit Dec 22 2018 – Adelie 1.0-beta2 is now available and possibly the last step before the first stable Adelie 1 is released.  https://www.adelielinux.org/announcements/1.0-BETA2.html

Continue reading

We are a systemd free linux community

Edited again: 2018-11-15

As the previous site started out (08/2017) of the temporary need for Artix users to meet and exchange experiences, share solutions to problems, now that Artix has its official site, we have decided to move in the direction the site had already taken anyway.  Freedom and equality of access and exchange of information.

Antix is to Debian what Obarun is to Arch, and Devuan is to debian what Artix is to arch.  Such projects/distributions seem to be very promising in concept and execution.  Equally promising, if not more, is Void and Adélie linux taking an independent path.  Unfortunately we can not cover the progress of too many distros and at times we may have to drop a few from the list and concentrate on the few we believe there is future and hope.  We have dropped Devuan over a year ago due to serious doubts with the project’s management, and now we have decided Artix has to go too. Continue reading

In depth analysis of init systems

simple is fast, but not always, as in the case of hill climbingDavin McCall wrote a very extensive report on the peculiarities of init systems and service supervisors,  how some of their differences are based on choice of compromises.  On the vagaries of init systems

Then, some days later, a response to this article came from Chris Siebenmann who introduces us to even more dillemas and criteria to choose what init system suits a specific use best.  Continue reading

Vote on your favorite init system on Distrowatch

Opinion poll: Preferred init software

It is time to really show that the non-systemd movement is not of negligible importance and people are going out of their way to avoid it, like the plague!

For a long while we have been blasted with the idea that “most” or “almost everyone” uses systemd, but there are no reliable data on the number of users, nor does such number conclude of what people use is what people like, or would rather use.  Interestingly enough this weekly issue of Distrowatch’s editorial finds this poll and a top headline review of Devuan 2.0.  Despite of MX linux being a systemd-free distro and climbing to top 10, or antix following close behind, Devuan receives priority by reviewers.  Continue reading

Artix-Runit no OpenRC no sysvinit

Artix, as mentioned here several times before, begun as a continuation of stable functional systems that existed for years.  The one was Arch with OpenRC the other was Manjaro with OpenRC.  Before Artix’s first year is complete a second init system is being modified to alternatively be used instead of sysv and OpenRC.  Runit, the init system found in Void is developed by smarden.org where you can find detailed information about it.  Runit can initialize your system, it can supervise processes, and it can end processes and end the cycle by shutting down.  Alternatively Runit can act as a supervising system along with sysvinit or other init systems.  Runit has been proven in Void-Linux for years as stable and capable, let alone one of the lightest in resource use. Continue reading

Brief review of AntiX – a pleasant surprise

“antiX Magic” in an environment suitable for old and new computersantiX Linux

We had tried in the past to install and run Antix and due to hardware issues we have to admit we did not try that hard. Now that we have access to a greater variety of hw we decided to give it an new try, and with a fresh Antix-17 iso code named Heather Heyer after the anti-fascist activist who was run over by a white supremacist in Charlottsville Virginia this past year. Continue reading

Runit as 2nd stage service supervisor on Devuan & postfix – continued

This is a sequence of 2 posts by Geoff in Devuan’s forum @ dev1.galaxy.org

This is too good to pass or edit so I am incorporating the whole “wiki item on runit and postfix”

Having read the message on DNG by Steve Litt about process supervisors :-

https://lists.dyne.org/lurker/message/2 … d3.en.html

I was inspired to investigate for myself. This is not a recipe on how to use runit as your init system, but some notes on using runit as a stage 2 process supervisor.

Of the supervisors mentioned by Steve, only runit was available in the jessie repository so that is what I had a look at. Continue reading

A closer look at a warrior, Obarun and S6

https://web.obarun.org/assets/obsite/images/ob_logo_slogan.pngBack in August 2017, when this project had started and we were eager in expanding the spectrum of interest to this site to more distributions than Devuan and Artix, we reproduced a brief description of Obarun as it was self-reported in Distrowatch, I believe. The primary initial interest was to promote distributions that made a conscious decision to steer clear of systemd interdependency and utilized different methods, approaches, and init systems. Obarun features the S6 init system that is simple and quick. As far as we can tell Obarun may just as well be called a popular S6 as it is the only distribution we can find with this init system.  Cromnix uses it along with OpenRC but unless we are wrong, Cromnix seems as an individual experiment and the developer works within Artix. Continue reading

Meet Debian, a fork of Devuan

It may sound funny, but you could have Devuan with systemD but you can’t have Debian without systemD.  Those who “say” you can they need to specify a procedure for the variety of debian editions so we all can attempt it.  Think about it, the team that produced devuan 1.0 stable were mostly debian developers (some of the best) who disagreed with the move after Debian 7 and took years of hard work to produce devuan.  I am here to testify that Devuan runs just as reliably as any debian.  You can pick and choose packages from any Debian based distros if it is not enough (just keep a cautious eye so systemD does not crawl in there), and within a couple of clicks you can install and run systemD if you so desire.  You are FREE to do so.  It is easier than installing paint.net. Continue reading