Makino Kota HiraharaInstead of creating a new website for bicycles, I thought it might be a side-complementary addition, for those that are interested, to begin a cycling forum here.  Why and how do I think linux without systemd relates to bicycles, other than the article by Steve Litt about systemd and bicycles, I will try to explain a bit later.  Obviously there seem to be many linux users also riding bicycles, and many avid cyclists also interested in open and free software.

The articles published under this page will be only found on this column, numbered, and commenting will still be free and open under each one, and contributions will still be open to the community.  Some of you cyclists who like to tinker and fix old bikes may already be familiar with the pages of Sheldon Brown in which content differs from the traditional “magazine” styled website that is striving so hard to sell new equipment while still trying to be informative of the sport and hobby.  So, lets not get to the commercialized trend of trying to promote or advertise products off the shelf, but look at technical problems more objectively and how they can be solved or addressed without consumerism.

I will try to draw parallels to bicycle issues, and uses, with linux, and it is often that I do and it is primarily the source of this idea to publish bicycle related matters side by side to linux matters.   Hopefully if there are objections to this, for some reason, I may think of removing the material, but there have to be some good reasoning 🙂

I hope if we have failed to connect in terms of interests in Linux systems we might in our other activities.  So let us see how this may go, who knows?

The list of articles can be found here