linux removes obarun presentation

r/linux removes Obarun announcement…./modular_boot_process_a_new_door_to_the_future
linux removes obarun presentationIn case the above link magically vanishes from reddit here is a screenshot of what it looked like (a couple more comments may have been added) and below see the text and imagine the reasons this announcement was removed by the moderators of r/linux.  Imagine also what the “image” of linux is perpetrated to be.  I say they are going for one linux, IBM’s linux, systemd linux, with various flavors of desktop crap just like themes of MS-windows or Apple’s and Google’s squishy flaky bubble hovering CRAP! Continue reading

4MLinux M,M,M,M 32-64bit mini light distro with JWM

4m-linux.  Does it have systemd?  No.  Good enough excuse to try it.  What is its core?  In our case, a couple weeks old 64bit v29 server image (v30 beta is out now too).  A linux kernel (latest LTS 4.19 in this case).  Is it a rolling distro? No!  Is it true 64bit or a 64bit conversion of a 32bit distro?  Hard to tell.  Did we like it?  Yes!  Are we going to use it?  Most likely no.  We are sold out to that rolling cutting/bleeding edge stuff, today it works tomorrow is another day, model we have learned to depend on.  It makes life exciting. Continue reading

Introduction to 66suite – s6 made easy – thanks to Obarun

S6 appears as the init system that few distributions have chosen as their default init and service management/supervision (obarun and possibly Adélie once stable is released).  There are quite a few commercial servers running on this system.  For general personal use s6 seems complex, but complex is not always a bad thing.  It would be unfair to compare it with older systems such as SysV-init.  Sysvinit is the system that the overwhelming majority of enterprise system administrators had learned on and relied on for decades (yes it is more than one).  Upstart seems extinct by now, and OpenRC is getting old as well, and didn’t necessarily deviate much from the path of sysvinit.  But then there is Runit.  Void and Artix appear the first two we think right away that use it. S6 is a step further into the future of unix-like systems. Continue reading

Convert Obarun s6opts to the new 66 system

Since we have published here a few conversion proposals from Arch-based distros to Obarun (replacing systemd with S6) for a few more months they will still be valid, but Obarun has switched to a new more comple repository structure AND service management.  The difference is that beyond the s6 init system the service management is handled by a set of new tools called 66.  If you want to make the switch you must follow the instructions below.  There is also a new package you may want installed called obnews, and when essential system administration tasks are necessary the news piece will come at the end of the pacman -Suy update/upgrade procedure.  Currently it notifies sys-admins of the new repositories and of this conversion.

Continue reading