About sysDfree

The focus is not just technical competition but what politically those distributions we cover represent in the “struggle against the monolith” of systemD.

The monolith, or the Borg, has displayed over the past few years that it has clear intention of chocking and controlling the whole industry of Open and Free systems and software. It is the Wal-Mart model in the computer industry, attempting to dictate to hardware, kernel, and software developers which way they should be heading if they want to stay in business. We all know where this leads to. Once this uniformity is achieved to clinch the significant majority of all systems it will be downhill from there. At any given point to cash in all this control and domination the teams closely related to systemD may be 2-3 steps ahead in development, turn all this to closed and non-free code, and become the next Microsoft, leaving the linux industry in a dead end with no way out.

So, attempting to encourage development with other init systems that only do what an init system is intended to do, is actually a form of political resistance against corporate grid, control, domination, and centralization of power and development funding. Close by is also the industry of consulting, training and support, which has made millions and millions a year for certain corporate “linux entities”. So the choice of the distros we currently cover (AntiX, Adélie, Obarun, and Void) is not strictly on a technical basis, but as platforms and vehicles to advance the cause of the struggle against systemD domination.

Did the Debian controversy of choosing systemd make technical sense, political sense, or was it self-interests towards the survival of the widest used enterprise system? Some guys in hats are smiling in their Porsches and Ferraris. The sad fact is the majority of users who obey and follow the most powerful and usually the most evil of leaders (systems) explaining they are not into politics, they just want a good system for themselves. BULL…., this is the leeway chicken poop excuse for the most conservative puppets in any society. The individualist, who cares about nothing but himself, and for what he gets now, disregarding where this choice will lead. There will always be someone in the power position to follow.

This community shall be made of those who even at the cost of having to do extra work and configuring have a vision of the future that is much better than what we have today and for everyone.

Don’t do what is best for you, start doing what is best for everyone.

We want it all and for everyone. We want nothing for ourselves.
Para todos todo, para nosotros nada