r/linux removes Obarun announcement

linux removes obarun presentationIn case the above link magically vanishes from reddit here is a screenshot of what it looked like (a couple more comments may have been added) and below see the text and imagine the reasons this announcement was removed by the moderators of r/linux.  Imagine also what the “image” of linux is perpetrated to be.  I say they are going for one linux, IBM’s linux, systemd linux, with various flavors of desktop crap just like themes of MS-windows or Apple’s and Google’s squishy flaky bubble hovering CRAP! As posted and removed from reddit yesterday:

Posted by u/obarun66

Modular boot process – A new door to the future

As you know s6 is the world’s most advanced init system.

Obarun’s 66 is the world’s most advanced system managing the operation of s6.

Although by downloading the latest JWM based live system and running it you may not notice any changes on the outside. Do a test installation and play with boot configuration and you will see amazing differences from the past or from any other unix based system.

The boot process has been changed into a module where you don’t just configure the bundle of services that run as on/off, the disabled parts are eliminated from the process all together. The enabled parts are configured through an easy to understand script, making your next boot fully customized to your needs and even faster and more effective than ever before or with any other system.

Not only this, you can make several module configurations for different machine characters, and without even changing anything on the system you can add TREE=zfs-server or any name you give to this character, on the linux boot-loader command, and the machine will boot accordingly. Alternatively you can make several different boot entries on your boot loader to select the character of the system you are booting.

For the inexperienced user there is nothing to do, just install and play. For the experienced user the sky is the limit.

Simply boot the live image, open a terminal, and issue the following command:

66-env boot@system

Or go to the wiki and read the new sections under modules and boot. https://wiki.obarun.org The more advanced the system administrator the more this development will impress and make every other system appear mediocre at best, if not obsolete.

The new Obarun JWM linux live image or the base no-X image

See the module configuration script here on reddit

.. end of copied document


Note:  Ask those fools concentrating in comparing systems, software, tools, like whether consolekit or elogind is a better solution, or whether facebook’s zstd is better than xz, or whether systemd is better than s6, that all this should be done on technical merit alone.  It is not.  If you doubt the superiority of s6 prove it on technical merit.  Then publish it.  I’d like to see where it will be done.  All linux related media is controlled by people projecting systemd as the single solution to abandon sysvinit.  10 years going strong of s6 development and you can’t hardly find a “linux user” that has even heard about it.  Why?

So go a step deeper and provide some rational grounds what way to better handle s6 than 66.  Please do, I promise I will post it here and pin it to stay on top!  I urge you to, maybe I will learn something I didn’t know.

I triple urge you to find the keyword “s6” in the most popular linux/unix related media around the world.  In Pharaonics you may find mention by some poor soul adding a comment in an article and then a swarm of bees will criticize the person and his character instead of the content of his comment.


IBM’s own rag praising their “purchased” product – or was it manufactured and designed as a trojan horse since its inception by the same corp. and its fake child consulting subcontractor RedHat?

The content: (same as here

|                          |systemd                                   |s6/s6-rc                                |
|Simple service definition |Perhaps, but with lots of gotchas [b]     |Yes, by chainloading [a]                |
|Support for cgroups       |Yes, hardcoded in init                    |Doable, in better ways [d]              |
|"Socket activation"       |Yes                                       |Yes, by fd holding [a]                  |
|Service logging [c]       |Inefficient, SPOF, binary logs            |Efficient, reliable, textual logs       |
|Separate /usr             |Unsupported, for questionable reasons [1] |Supported                               |
|Portability               |Only Linux with glibc                     |Linux (with glibc, musl, ...), BSD, ... |
|Speed ([b] for all below) |Hangs that are hard to predict            |Consistently fast                       |
|Simplicity                |Big, very complex due to tight coupling   |Tiny, loosely coupled                   |
|Reliability               |Easy to begin, but with lots of gotchas   |Easy to learn, and predictable          |
|Maintainability           |Number of unresolved bugs growing quickly |Very few bugs, resolved quickly         |
|Flexibility               |Hardly extensible, components unreusable  |Easily extensible, components reusable  |
|Security                  |Many vulnerabilities                      |Few (if any) vulnerabilities            |
|[a-d] See the "Basic background", "Quality", "Logging" and "Linux cgroups" parts below, respectively.         |
|[1] <https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-8354032.html#8354032>.                                             |

4 thoughts on “r/linux removes Obarun announcement

  1. I think it is a group of devs from debian, ubuntu, arch, fedora, that will find grounds to remove any topic that discusses or criticizes systemd or projects a better alternative. They will sit there and giggle about all kinds of off-topic matters but when a non-systemd distro topic is placed they will find some odd rule reason to kill it. Then if you complain to the the mods about their actions they ban you eternally 🙂

    Low-lifes but it is a node where they control the image of what linux is. DW is another.


  2. Fuck reddit youtube facebook and other mainstream shit
    Why even bother going on these platforms and announce great distro for bunch of retarded morons?? And that debian guy is a prick as well…


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