We are a systemd free linux community

As the previous site started out of the temporary need for Artix users to meet and exchange experiences, share solutions to problems, and now Artix is about to announce their official site, we have decided to move in the direction the site had taken anyway.

Devuan is to Debian what Artix is to Arch.  Both projects/distributions seem to be very promising in concept and execution.  We are sure Continue reading


VPN not from and for the corporate world (open and free)

Bitmask VPN


For a while we thought Bitmask had vanished, but it is still alive and has a new edition, after the 0.92 and 0.94 beta.  This is a an open-source free VPN and encrypted email that both users and vendors of such services can  use.


From the release notes:

0.10 “la rosa de foc”

We are pleased to announce the Bitmask 0.10 release, codename “la rosa de foc”.
You can refer to `the changelog`_ for the whole changeset.

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A new lightweight WM for Devuan CTWM

I’m just republishing this information but it is from a very reliable source, so I have little doubt that it is worth your while.

Hi all, I forgot to mention it, but about a month ago I finished my ctwm documentation tree:


I think it’s the best single source of ctwm documentation, although it certainly could use improvement.

Ctwm isn’t for everybody. It’s a no-panel lightweight window manager, in the same class as Openbox. Continue reading

News about Devuan and little news about Artix

I’ll start with Artix, which made one step closer to its official stable edition by shifting its testing-repository into stable. It was also reported as a distribution on Distrowatch.  If you go to the main page and click on most popular in 7days it ranks as 16th today (10/21) and I believe as 3rd non-systemd distribution.

Devuan announced the official release of amprolla3, Continue reading

Dealing with pacman’s updated .conf files

Read the edited WARNING at the bottom of the article! (Oct 17 2017)

Merge-arrows-2.pngArtix, being a modified distribution of ARCH-linux, follows Arch’s policy of updating packages and their corresponding .conf files.  In other distributions like Debian, you have to do work to protect your custom .conf files as sometimes updated packages replace your .conf files with new ones.  In Arch/Artix/Arch-Bang/Obarun etc. when a package incorporates a conf file that is new it installs a pkg-name.conf.pacnew and even when it is essential that the new conf file is mandatory for the package to work, or when the package is removed, Continue reading

Freak Devuan experiment that did not backfire Devian/Debuan

As Devuan users have not been getting any feedback for why have things become so stale for two months, there are no updates seen in Jessie or Ascii, while the Debian train is running away with a daily influx of updated packages, there is not much convinvcing anyone can do for people to be patient.  Having bugs to deal with is one thing, not having bugs and expecting things to just evolve is a different issue.  So I thought what if?

What if questions sometimes break the best of systems.  So I cleaned my ascii installation and backed it up (using the classic dd on the installation’s partition).  If it broke I would not try to fix it too much, I’d rather just restore it and report back how and when it broke so others wouldn’t try the same thing. Continue reading

Artix testing – still very stable

Updates/additions on Sept.14 2017

Artix, although unofficially announced, has indirectly announced its testing distribution which I have already tried, with many common packages found on desktops, openbox, and some lxde packages and lxpolkit on amd64.  No problems reported yet, and most of the forum members seem to instantly jumped and tried it.

The procedure is simple:

Instructions as I see them clear, because much of the information mentioned on the forum discussion seemed very confusing.

edit /etc/pacman.conf and uncomment the [system-testing] and the line below it. Continue reading