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Edited again: 2018-11-15

As the previous site started out (08/2017) of the temporary need for Artix users to meet and exchange experiences, share solutions to problems, now that Artix has its official site, we have decided to move in the direction the site had already taken anyway.  Freedom and equality of access and exchange of information.

Antix is to Debian what Obarun is to Arch, and Devuan is to debian what Artix is to arch. All four of these projects/distributions seem to be very promising in concept and execution.  Equally promising, if not more, is Void linux taking an independent path.  Continue reading


Penetration testing (pentesting) distribution without systemd

Interesting inquiry that has lead searchers to this site for an answer but hasn’t yet specifically been answered.  So I will take a shot at answering this.

Basically, and as far as I know, there is a Gentoo based distribution specific to this task and as it is based on Gentoo it is easily free of systemd, although if you really like systemd I am pretty sure you can have it on Gentoo.  This narrows down to options based on Debian (kali and parrot), and Arch (blackarch and archstrike).    There may be others we don’t know of yet. Continue reading

Adélie Linux – work in progress


https://www.adelielinux.org/ I’d like to draw your attention to a young and promising project called Adélie Linux.  Adélie Linux is a Free, Libre operating system based on the Linux kernel. Their goals of full POSIX® compliance, built on musl compatibility with a wide variety of computers, and ease of use without sacrificing features set them apart from most other Linux distributions.  Sysvinit, openrc, and S6 are available to customize your installation to specific needs.  Adélie Linux is also independent and built from the ground up, not based on major distributions (Arch, Debian), or Gentoo, or Alpine, as some will immaturely conclude.

Download 1.0-BETA1

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Hyperbola and freedom in your Arch based installation

https://www.hyperbola.info/If you want to install Hyperbola a new version has just come out.  Hyperbola is very serious about the freedom in software and have gone a step further than most to clean their arch based system out of “non-free” software.

What if you don’t want to install hyperbola but you are running an Arch based distro, Arch, Manjaro, Obarun, Artix, ArchBang, etc etc.. AND you are curious  on how many packages you have installed that are not free.  Do you know?

Edited Dec 11th 2018:  Note on the end of the article

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Palemoon enforces scripts even harder now

https://i.imgur.com/7SlNlou.pngPalemoon points to this discussion on its forum about noscript if you try to install noscript from its source page.  Although palemoon, as far as we know, has provided 0 evidence to classify noscript as malware, in the discussion itself that they are promoting as “reason”, their claim is “just a warning“, and that you are free to choose otherwise.  NOT TRUE ANYMORE  The matter that noscript breaks pages is really no reason as people “choose” to break such pages to protect themselves.  Continue reading

Void forum has been off for almost a week (updated)

Just be patient

updated November 8th, see note below

The forum for Void-Linux has been disconnected for about a week and void has not posted anything on their news page.  They do have an irc channel at freenode for those who are eager to get in touch about an issue they are having.  A month or two ago, the user who had donated the server and was running the forum, not a member of the developers’ team as I understood, had been doing this for a long time and was paying out of his pocket for it and wanted to pass the torch.  Without the ability for void to receive or contribute any donations for this purpose the issue was lagging.  Void has never been up to this point a formal legal entity.  Continue reading