We are a systemd free linux community

As the previous site started out of the temporary need for Artix users to meet and exchange experiences, share solutions to problems, and now Artix is about to announce their official site, we have decided to move in the direction the site had taken anyway.

Devuan is to Debian what Artix is to Arch.  Both projects/distributions seem to be very promising in concept and execution.  We are sure Continue reading


Palemoon 27.7 is out

https://addons.palemoon.org/skin/palemoon/wordmark-palemoon.png, for those that don’t know, and for those who liked Firefox in the past but thought it got overloaded in recent time, is a great browser.  It avoids some of the nasty dependencies of late popular browsers and does what they all do with less resources.  Meanwhile it keeps current with all the late security concerns.

Read the release notes of this edition to get an idea of how serious of a project this is.  It is all I use so I am recommending it.


To install it in any linux system use the installer script and keep it around as it also does removals, updates, and fixes a broken installation, if that ever happens to anyone. Continue reading

Meltdown and Spectre, the new security threats

Those two recent discoveries of a system vulnerability is due to hardware design and kernel development.  One of the two has been partially addressed and fixed if you have updated your linux kernel to a patched one.  The remaining seem pretty hard to be dealt with.  In summary there is a way for memory handling to be leaked to the network revealing any sensitive information that may be temporarily retained as RAM or graphical memory.   It is best not to read on rumors and interpretations but read the originals and monitor the status of fixing.  At least temporarily you may change some habits and constantly wipe your memory to minimize the risk.  Below find a set of links that official information originates and judge for yourself. Continue reading

Void linux revisited – do not aVoid!

We finally managed to get a box that was able to boot up the void live image (LXDE) that we were having problems with in the past.  So 48hrs later we are here to report on the experience.

This is the first distro that we are covering that relies on itself and not some other systemd infected distro.  The rest we have been following are either Debian or Arch based.  We did receive some heat for making a prejudicial comment in an earlier article, about void being related to Arch, or being similar at least.  Ok, maybe it made the wrong impression while running in a VM, but we don’t care too much about VM installations anyway, so we didn’t spend much time with it.  That command xbps-install -Suy just reminded us too much of pacman!  😉 Continue reading

Refracta 9 and Obarun excellence + Artix

The Refracta team is throwing out a glimpse of the nearly ready Devuan 2.0 (ascii) with a new iso release that can be found here:

Devuan 2 Ascii OpenRC eudev = Refracta9

Check out my kernel version 4.15 Can you tell it is running on OpenRC? All those green and and blue OKs while it is booting up it is proof that it is!


I made several installations of the same system in various machines, some being 10yrs old.  Not a problem.  I also installed OpenRC on them and replaced the sysv-rc and it  runs fine.  I can’t really say there is a difference while running it with OpenRC but Ram use is low while coming to an idle on the desktop.  (I only use Openbox).  Experts say that when you upgrade from Continue reading

A personal note and dedication

I, the initial editor of this blog, started this while spending time with my mom who was ill during this past year.  Some gaps in continuity had to do with her periodic hospitalization during the past 6 months.  I simply took courage from her will to live and to fight an illness without compromising her values and principles and dedicated time spent close to her on a different struggle based on similar values and principles.  Open expression, equality, freedom, and uncompromised ideals.

Unfortunately not all struggles and battles are victorious, no matter what amount of energy you devote to them, and she lost this one battle just as millions do around the world.  During those final past few weeks there was little time and energy I could find to dedicate to this struggle, keeping linux within the original GNU open and free tradition and against those who try to dominate and control the community.

So, in memory of my mother and her courage I dedicate my effort and energy here and will soon continue where I left things a few weeks ago.

When one healthy cell of the organism, humanity, dies, it is replaced by fresh and better cells.  Human evolution can only happen when all cells are healthy, contributing, and improving the whole.  One battle may be lost but the war is still for us to win.

Live long and fight for peace, freedom, and equality and hope that some day we will win.