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Edited again: 2018-11-15

As the previous site started out (08/2017) of the temporary need for Artix users to meet and exchange experiences, share solutions to problems, now that Artix has its official site, we have decided to move in the direction the site had already taken anyway.  Freedom and equality of access and exchange of information.

Antix is to Debian what Obarun is to Arch, and Devuan is to debian what Artix is to arch. All four of these projects/distributions seem to be very promising in concept and execution.  Equally promising, if not more, is Void linux taking an independent path.  Continue reading


Obarun New Release with 66-tools and s6-init 03-2019

Eric and Jean-Michel are happy to announce the availability of Obarun minimal Live, Obarun JWM Live, Obarun Plasma Live iso with 66. Each live contains the obarun-install software which allow you to install interactively different preset themes: openbox, xfce4, minimal, jwm, plasma. Moreover, obarun-install gives you a total control on your installation, customization of themes and a chroot to extra tweak your next operating system.

The future is now and it comes with Obarun and awesome 66-tools. Continue reading

Have a SPAMless Happy 2019

Sorry if I have vanished for a small period, I too deserve a holiday, and since not much out of the ordinary seems to be happening in the systemd-free linux world, I don’t think you missed much.

I just responded to a couple of comments that came through by readers, and wondered if they have been more in the past couple of weeks and somehow were caught by wordpress’s spam filter.  197 messages?  No way I am going through half of those in less than two days hard work.  So OFF they went into oblivion.  I’ve never seen so many before in such a little time.  It must be all that fame and glory deep into the Google abyss that is attracting it.

Sorry if your comment was lost into oblivion, don’t use too many links in one comment, or at least use a second comment to alert me of the need to approve it, don’t use language you wouldn’t want your grandkids to hear, and don’t …..  I forgot!

Speaking of SPAM and its abolition, here is something to cheer us up and get us going into 2019, hopefully the year systemd DIED!!!  SYSTEMD IS SPAM

ArchLabs without systemd – Obarun s6 on top

You may ask what we are doing with ArchLabs when there is a tremendous amount of original non-systemd based distros on the list (our own lists for example).   “Originally a minimalist, Arch-based live distribution with Openbox, the latest release of ArchLabs Linux is a radical departure from the original concept as the distribution is now designed for users who like to customise their system during installation. ”  It may be coincidental but the installer is following a bit on the Obarun fashion where you install what you need and like and not what the distribution has chosen.  Continue reading

Penetration testing (pentesting) distribution without systemd

Interesting inquiry that has lead searchers to this site for an answer but hasn’t yet specifically been answered.  So I will take a shot at answering this.

Basically, and as far as I know, there is a Gentoo based distribution specific to this task and as it is based on Gentoo it is easily free of systemd, although if you really like systemd I am pretty sure you can have it on Gentoo.  This narrows down to options based on Debian (kali and parrot), and Arch (blackarch and archstrike).    There may be others we don’t know of yet. Continue reading

Adélie Linux – work in progress


https://www.adelielinux.org/ I’d like to draw your attention to a young and promising project called Adélie Linux.  Adélie Linux is a Free, Libre operating system based on the Linux kernel. Their goals of full POSIX® compliance, built on musl compatibility with a wide variety of computers, and ease of use without sacrificing features set them apart from most other Linux distributions.  Sysvinit, openrc, and S6 are available to customize your installation to specific needs.  Adélie Linux is also independent and built from the ground up, not based on major distributions (Arch, Debian), or Gentoo, or Alpine, as some will immaturely conclude.

Download 1.0-BETA1

Edit Dec 22 2018 – Adelie 1.0-beta2 is now available and possibly the last step before the first stable Adelie 1 is released.  https://www.adelielinux.org/announcements/1.0-BETA2.html

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Hyperbola and freedom in your Arch based installation

https://www.hyperbola.info/If you want to install Hyperbola a new version has just come out.  Hyperbola is very serious about the freedom in software and have gone a step further than most to clean their arch based system out of “non-free” software.

What if you don’t want to install hyperbola but you are running an Arch based distro, Arch, Manjaro, Obarun, Artix, ArchBang, etc etc.. AND you are curious  on how many packages you have installed that are not free.  Do you know?

Edited Dec 11th 2018:  Note on the end of the article

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