We are a systemd free linux community

Edited: 2018-03-06

As the previous site started out of the temporary need for Artix users to meet and exchange experiences, share solutions to problems, and now Artix is about to announce their official site, we have decided to move in the direction the site had taken anyway.

Antix is to Debian what Obarun is to Arch, and devuan is to debian what artix is to arch.  Both projects/distributions seem to be very promising in concept and execution.  We are sure Continue reading


Review: Nutyx GNU-Linux, if you play your “cards” right

A few days ago, while I was scanning through the site’s statistics I noticed that a search in google had lead here and the search term was Nutyx.  I remember seeing the name on the long list of Linux without systemd and the more recent one based on distrowatch but I never had a chance to take a closer look.  So the search had caught the name on the list and I decided I should give it a spin.

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78 linux distributions without systemd listed on Distrowatch

Other than our complete list of distributions without systemd we run a search on Distrowatch for all “linux” distributions without systemd and we came up with a list of 78.  Sorry to BSD fans, we have nothing against BSDs we just can’t cover it all and we restrict our focus on linux systems.  There were cases in the past where information is not as accurate or up to date on distrowatch so beware of its results (as of 10/14/2018). Continue reading

New Obarun iso images – minimal and JWM

Obarun is trully Arch-Linux without systemd.  It has come with a minimalist window manager since its inception more than 3 years ago.  In the past 2 years with JWM and originally with OpenBox, hence the OB in the original name.

Since early September Obarun comes with a minimal no-X image as well, that is about 1/2 a GB in size.  The latest one is the minimal iso that came out October 2nd Obarun_x86_64-2018-10.iso w/ md5sum…  which will be updated at the beginning of each month.

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Xcha-cha, NSA’s speck & simon, google and the kernel

Bits and pieces, some underlined and emphasized, from an article by Lucian Armasu:

by Lucian Armasu – Source: Kernel.org

The NSA-designed Speck encryption algorithm will be removed from version 4.20 of the Linux kernel, after just recently being added to the Linux kernel version 4.17 in June. The move comes after the International Standards Organization (ISO) rejected two of NSA’s cryptographic designs, Simon and Speck, on the basis of not being trustworthy….. Continue reading

Code of conduct and the role of violence in hierarchy

There is much talk recently on code of conduct, Linus Trovalds (the “patriarch” of “Linu”X and the controversy over this manifesto of the code of conduct.

Strictly speaking within this context, and within this article-text, violence is related to “verbal” violence, to spoken and written violence.  More specifically violence coming from the “powerful” and directed to those with less power is much more of an issue than the other way around, when it is the last resort of those treated with injustice by the powerful. Continue reading