We are a systemd free linux community

Edited again: 2021-07-29

Antix is to Debian what Obarun is to Arch, and Devuan is to debian what Artix is to arch.  Such projects/distributions seem to be very promising in concept and execution.  Equally promising, if not more, is Void, Sabotage, and Kiss linux taking an independent path.  Unfortunately we can not cover the progress of too many distros and at times we may have to drop a few from the list and concentrate on the few we believe there is future and hope.  We have dropped Devuan over a year ago due to serious doubts with the project’s management, its  credibility.  and now we have decided Artix has to go too.There may be a future for all and the formation of a strong community to influence this future is a healthy attribute to any system.  The community we have in mind is one made of dedicated users (not casual distro-hoppers), experienced trouble-shooters, without intending to leave developers out.  Possibly a space for developers to exchange data on how they confront their problems can be a benefit to all.  Isolation is a benefit only to the one who chose isolation.  Apart from keeping communication civil (no name calling, characterizations, and venting) we do not believe in moderation.  Unless the community overwhelmingly seems to beg for moderation of certain pests with alternative motives in joining a community.  By pulling experience from a variety of distributions and systems such a community can fruit a non-secularized direction that hopefully will bring back some of the glory of the earlier parts of unix/gnu/linux life that seems to have gotten corrupt by corporate interests.

We are here to built a resistance front against those who want to centralize power and control to make linux be the next windows or cease to exist all together.  Realistically we do not have much of a chance since money dumped into development can dictate the direction of evolution, but if we join forces and organize we can have a say in this direction as well.   Some confuse the technical criticism on systemd with the political criticism that is sometimes unrelated.  This is a common mistake as technical problems have technical solutions and those may someday be surpassed.  The political problems only have political solutions, and given the fact that a large chunk of software will not function without systemd, soon this systemd “gang” will have the ultimate say from 0-100 of any system.  Soon there may be no real different systems but linux-systemd aesthetic varieties.  And Linus seems to gradually be feeding the evil troll and its ugly cousins, the gnomers, the pulseaudio noise makers.  Would I be too extreme in calling this pattern the Microsoftization of the industry?  You tell me.  You are free to comment and by using the primitive Add a New Topic link you can propose any new related topic of discussion.

In order to form a real community, discussion should be encouraged and be free and open.  We are here to assist in jump starting this process of community formation.  Where will it go will be up to the community not the blog administrators.  You want to participate with a real name, a nickname, or be anonymous, those are all respected choices a “free” community has.

Let’s make it work!  It is not game over till we give up, and we haven’t given up.

Edit 2018-03-06: We have revised our initial statement about devuan and artix to include obarun and antix on top, as more militant in screening systemd dependended packages, and reduced devuan and artix as being more functionally compliant to the systemd dictatorship. It is like a radical versus a reformist approach in politics.  In general characteristics of the approach we believe in judging the approach it is accurate, even though we are distancing ourselves from devuan and artix.

Edit2 2018-11-15:  Stop taking the freedom of choice so lightly, it is not as simple as you may wish to believe.  There is a global offensive against basic social, economic, and political freedoms who have taken for granted and have left unguarded.  There are those who have a social, political, and economic interest to take those freedoms away from those have even little bits of it, and cashing them in.  Look at the beach, the park, the mountain, the lake and the river, your access even to sidewalks and streets, paths and wilderness.  Take a look at oceans, ex-international free waterways, and AOZ creation.  And yes, finally, software and your access to global information and exchange of it.  It is all up for grubs and we have little say in any of it.  Why?  Because the “takers” are organized and “we” are not.  A small group of organized individuals can and have always defeated masses of unorganized individuals.

Make no mistake, this may be our last chance to defend certain “free” territories before we fully become conscious of how imprisoned we are.  We may be the last generation who had the chance to fight and chose not to.  After this only a bloody mess will be able to bring back the little freedom we have left today.  And by that time the global ecosystem itself may be irreparable beyond any hope and that will make it too late to fight for anything anyway.  Please put your “convenience” aside for once and work for the collective benefit, for humanity, for life!  Time is up!

Also, do remember, that large corporations pumping out pseudo “open source” and pseudo “free code”, at volumes that independents can’t possibly audit and contest, have large funding initiatives behind them.  Small independent software and distributions acting as alternative solutions are driven by individual funding and time as secondary to their activities earning those people a living/surviving-for-some.  Do remember them when you are pleased with the alternative solutions they provide you and send them a few dollars in support.  They are not saints, nor do they try to be, but even little contributions and display of support keeps their energy high to continue development.  It is the least we can do.



16 thoughts on “We are a systemd free linux community

  1. I need some advice, figured this would be a good place.

    I’m heavily leaning towards Parabola GNU/Linux-libre because they meet my specific demands:

    – Hardened LL kernel (perfect for my librebooted hardware)
    – Blacklisting of user subjugating software (blacklist.txt in their repo)
    – OpenRC in their repo.
    – FSF endorsed.

    Obviously I’m not surrendering to a DoD funded project which infects everything it touches, hence why I commented here seeking advice.
    Can I run this setup on Parabola with OpenRC? Should I install Atrix (LXQT) first and migrate to Parabola if everything is setup? is that even possible? or just install the last Majaro version with Xfce and migrate there? will that work just like LXQT?

    Hopefully you can help me.


  2. I’ve been using AntiX (Debian based) for several years, it is intentionally a systemd free distro.
    I’m also using Vuu-Do, a Devuan derivative that uses Openbox, a bit like #! (crunchbang) used to, which is where I came from originally before AntiX.


  3. If you like to write a few detailed paragraphs on your experience of installing and running Antix and also how it compares with Devuan (Vuu-Do) it will go up as a separate article. Use your name, email, or pseudoname, as you wish.
    This is not intentionally meant to cover artix and devuan only, but all linux intentionally designed to be free-of-systemd. Keeping 2-3 flavors of each, Artix and Devuan, in testing, stable, vuudo, miyo, etc. is more than I can already handle. I have great respect for Void, Parabola, Antix, MX, Obarun, I just can’t talk about them from direct experience. This “forum/medium” is open for users of any of those systems on the list of systemd-free distributions to talk about them.

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  4. I generally hung out in Ubuntu / Debian channels, the systemd slavery is real bad there, almost no one thinks for themselves and authoritarianism is the only air they breathe. It’s very hard to find anyone with a sane mind. I didn’t have much faith yet in Devuan and seeing how that “golinux” person responds it is the same thing. I am a bit appalled and surprised at the same time that there is still someone sane out there.

    And grateful too I guess.


  5. John, for some weird reason wordpress had shoved your comment to spam, maybe due to some ip or hostname blacklisting. Otherwise peoples’ comments instantly appear on the blog. I apologize for not paying attention to the spam list, this is the first time a good comment is moved into spam/moderation.

    On the subject matter: I believe that some distributions are like social clubs for elite developers that have turned lazy, live off of the laurels of their past work, employed and highly rewarded by some non-open non-free company, and contribute little to the GNU community. Signal/Noise is really low. Looking at antix, obarun, artix, void, you see tremendous amount of constant work and struggle to support with minimal resources. I like this site here to be a place to clear out the smog so people can see clearly what is worth while and what is marketing and time wasting.


  6. It’s pushed by Red Hat. Systemd is here to stay and we will see this in the next 5-10 years. A lot of people know it, thus they adopt it. It’s vicious circle.
    Why it should reinvent everything and “eat” different components which are better as standalone projects?
    Well, it’s pushed by Red Hat. More things which depend on systemd = world where systemd is something you should use => more control and predictability of where Linux distros are going + more free testers/developers => money/profit/marketshare.


  7. Both on out long list of distros without systemd and the shorter linux from distrowatch Pclinuxos and slitaz is listed (Taz is also listed on the long list not on distrowatch),
    Feel free to write up reviews and tips for other users, it will get published here. After all it is a “community” blog. In the early days I had some help for feedback, which I would write up into articles, but lately is all I can do on my own. I am daily upgrading and testing antiX-sid, void (in three forms, glibc-runit, musl-runit, musl-s6-66, obarun (4 different forms of it), I still keep artix-runit (I like the system it is the team of devs that I can’t tolerate as a team, some are nice some are nasties)… adelie/s6 (lately it seems like frozen, hopefully transition between beta and stable 1.0), …. and also I have a few hacked systems of my own, they are hybrids, like a void/obarun/arch/artix hybrid … which is almost all void but with a flair.

    So I can’t handle much more. I did test 4-5 other distros, relatively new over the summer but had nothing good to say, so to keep the anti-systemd moral up I refrained from saying anything at all.
    I’ve been meaning to invest some time on KISS-linux, but not enough yet.

    See the link where it says “post new topic”, write up your review and use a pseudonym or name (too many people here sign as anonymous when they can use a fake email and pseudonym) and the article will be published…. unless it is clearly trash, irrelevant to this community’s monologues, or it is too provocative and offensive.

    Peace! (never with systemd around)


  8. Hi fungalnet, Wanted to drop you a note of appreciation. Have been reading the site for some time. Just recently installed Artix with Runit. Have to say I am impressed. Started with a base install and layered up from there to OpenBox and preferred apps. Along the way, I learned new things about tools for X system configuration and the simplicity of Runit as both PID1 and a service supervisor. As a single user GNU/Linux system, this software stack has been rock solid. All up, would have never taken the plunge without your prompting and assistance from the broader GNU/Linux community. Keep up the fine work. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


  9. tooling around last few weeks testing some things. this week I downloaded and installed Devuan 4.0 Alpha. I installed Adélie Linux 64 2x and 32bit 1x. I also installed Devaun 3.0. All net installs. The Devuan 3.0 is an old disc. I have only one piece of proprietary hardware, Intel 6535 wifi chip, and each and every one of these distros I installed over the last few days, all each installed then rebooted, and they all had the exact same error message when starting. cannot connect to cannot find xorg server. These were all installed onto hardware, not VM, I dont run Vms. I have real hardware for my tests. I then took out my freebsd 12 disc, installed that and it all installed correctly. Now I know FreeBSD essentially monitors and maintaines most if not all all their own ports and software, I have checked and all the xorg ports show they have maintainers and linux distros do not do this they collaborate inside package manager. So, maybe the abandonment of xorg? I dont know. I have drives I tool with trying new things, I have a bundle of install ISOs both net and dvd, but in all the years of tooling with the isos I have not seen this error message before. and not on 4 different ISOs . anyway, I have been learning freeBSD for a while now, and within about a day this time I was able to get to a full functioning desktop with 2 DE. I like variety. I dont think I am coming back to Linux. I want to let people here know, there are ports that have tools for wifi applets in the laptops, and fuse file system support so you can mount your drives, Its been a learning curve for me, but I am fed up with the instability in Linux. It was so stable when I first came aboard in 2009. I hope this community stays alive and projects can collaborate and push back against RH. They are literally the bully of open source software. take care.


  10. There does indeed seem to be a marked drift toward inclusion of corporate nastiness into the Linux community. I watched the seep of Intel and TCG components into the kernel long ago. Then the systemd debut, followed quickly by the Ubuntu-Amazon fiasco, the Deepin spyware report, and now the KDE Plasma telemetry shenanigans (https://www.summertime.tech/dtw.EN.html). Looks like the crapola is incoming from all directions, with Torvalds asleep at the wheel.


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