What if there was an easy way to install Gentoo?

It is called CloverOS and it is quick.

The CloverOS image is about 1.1GB, it has a live system with various WM (window managers) that start and the installer window will pop open once the WM is up.  It asks you to partition and specify the partition for the installation’s root, root password, username and pw, and 10′ later you have a complete Gentoo installation ready to boot. Continue reading

With all respect to Gentoo, this is a good point


Quote by Sero in the void forum:

I’ve used gentoo for a long time, it’s too easy (for me) to get OCD about per-package use flags, mixing stable/unstable versions, adding patches and doing super-minimal kernel configs.

You end up with a lot of time invested into learning and mastering a skillset that might be of no use to you outside of your own computer. Continue reading

Brief review of RedCore (a Gentoo fork)

Redcore is yet another distribution consciously staying away from systemd, it is part of their “philosophy” as it is for Artix and Devuan.  Redcore is a fork of Gentoo in a non Gentoo kind of way.  In Gentoo you built all packages from source and you built the system piece by piece instead of doing an installation where an already built system is copied into your drive intact and ready to boot.  Redcore takes that step to avoid you of all the trouble (days of work, reading, compiling and configuring) and builds the Gentoo packages incorporating the most common hardware it may adopt to. Continue reading