What do we need computers for? What if!

First I would like to welcome cynwulf1 to the community and in specific to the small sub-sector of the community of contributors.  Cynwulf1 appears to have been around this sport long and with a wide spectrum of experience.  He recently contributed an article and some comments on the world of BSDism.

While recently I have worked closer with some of the creators of systems we use I have tried to learn how they think, or how they think differently from us users of systems.  The question that appeared to me is whether they can possibly know or care what “people need” or are they just driven by what they need for themselves, which in some cases is a system to work on, while creating systems.

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New base and KDE-Plasma live images from Obarun

On some very specific hardware a recent linux5.0 change caused a delay in tty/login appearance.  It was found and fixed.

05-2 Base image 564MB (iso and cksum files)
05-2 KDE-Plasma live image (iso and cksum files)

A few weeks from now a new set of images will reappear as s6opts/s6boot are deprecated and 66 will move into the main obarun repositories (obcore,obextra, observice).   Continue reading

Review: Nutyx GNU-Linux, if you play your “cards” right

A few days ago, while I was scanning through the site’s statistics I noticed that a search in google had lead here and the search term was Nutyx.  I remember seeing the name on the long list of Linux without systemd and the more recent one based on distrowatch but I never had a chance to take a closer look.  So the search had caught the name on the list and I decided I should give it a spin.

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Linux: current state of affairs – wayland – gtk3 – X11

Recent aggravation with software – that have worked without a problem for years and years while suddenly developing bugs – revealed evidence that they have been pushed (unnecessarily?) to comply to gtk3 standards (a still buggy sack of crap).   They now rely on gtk3 toolkits for the sole reason that distro managers want things to comply to wayland (another sack of crap).  …. because somehow “development” is leading towards wayland and away from the old trusty (but extremely complicated) X11.  We wish we knew more and more of the details to make detailed criticism hold water, but we have to rely on intuition.  When the fish stinks from the head don’t expect the tail to be any better.  We really like to get your input and feedback on how problematic this development has been.

While researching we located this article that is constructively critical of all linux, without advocating to leave it for windows or mac, but there seem many accumulating problems and directions in linux. http://itvision.altervista.org/why.linux.is.not.ready.for.the.desktop.current.html

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Hold on your palemoon horses! Danger!

  All new Palemoon 27.9.1 is out (stardate: 20180507)

Did we or did we NOT say that this space is for users, by users, and it would be nobody’s puppet?  WE DID SAY IT!  So no developer/s will coerce this here pen to write supportive statements when they don’t deserve it, we have nothing to gain but everything to lose if we start playing these games.

In LIGHT of this intrusion into our systems’ security Palemoon has decided to utilize its  plug-in update check (which runs at every start and can possibly be disabled in about:config)  to pass a script that will disable a security feature.  That makes palemoon “malicious” in our book!  It is using an acceptable and known feature to do something else!

Read the comments below and those on palemoon’s forum (those that were not blocked by the emperor palemoon himself that is).  We will do research on what is at stake but from this moment we consider palemoon a problem, or at least not a solution.

We shall return where there is more light thrown into the subject and hopefully we are wrong, because we have relied on palemoon for most of our browsing and editing this blog. Continue reading

FigOSdev takes back what he said about Dbus

Maybe I Take Back What I Said About Dbus       by FigOSdev

Despite what I’ve said about worrying about Bus1 (I’m not worried) I’m increasingly of the opinion that getting rid of Dbus or making it easier to remove is a good idea.

The idea is, you shouldn’t have too much software that is running or even installed when you don’t need it. That’s really simple; defining “too much” is not, but…

I have Dbus installed. I am quite capable of finding every file it installs, and removing that file. I can stop it from installing again– no problem!

There are things I have installed that depend on it– probably also not a problem. However, let’s look at what those are: Continue reading

Running Refracta 9 Beta (Ascii) without libsystemd

yet another interesting article by FigOSdev:

Running Refracta 9 Beta (Ascii) without libsystemd

I’ve upgraded(?) my main machine from Jessie to Ascii, and to be fair, Ascii is still in Beta. I do hope it will improve.

libsystemd0 came in, and it’s funny, I thought I had that pinned. It’s almost impossible to tell if you have stuff pinned anymore, but maybe that pin was on a different machine or setup. Continue reading

Obmenu-Generator, how to get it running on any linux

Basically I am reproducing a very good article of instructions before it vanishes.

03262019  revised for debian/mint/ubuntu/devuan/antix/mx users see below:

[edit] Today Feb 15rh I am reposting this article and made some additions and corrections as the instructions may not work in all installations as I have found out.  With this correction it works in all installations we have covered.  Today we are adding Antix-linux to the list.

Hopefully the author will not mind for this no-profit reproduction.  The original, today, can be found on lxlinux.com/obmenu-generatorObmenu-generator works so well and can be edited to the maximum possible way that an Openbox Menu system can deliver. Continue reading

Brief vacation – suspension of sysdfree blog

Due to unforseen circumstances and planning of upgrading the site we have little to contribute at this moment, although we are still at it.

Obarun has been our recent favorite to explore and we will present our findings soon.  Please be a little patient and feel free to contribute.  Obarun’s “makeiso” package seems very exciting.  It is like Refracta on Arch. Continue reading

A closer look at a warrior, Obarun and S6

https://web.obarun.org/assets/obsite/images/ob_logo_slogan.pngBack in August 2017, when this project had started and we were eager in expanding the spectrum of interest to this site to more distributions than Devuan and Artix, we reproduced a brief description of Obarun as it was self-reported in Distrowatch, I believe. The primary initial interest was to promote distributions that made a conscious decision to steer clear of systemd interdependency and utilized different methods, approaches, and init systems. Obarun features the S6 init system that is simple and quick. As far as we can tell Obarun may just as well be called a popular S6 as it is the only distribution we can find with this init system.  Cromnix uses it along with OpenRC but unless we are wrong, Cromnix seems as an individual experiment and the developer works within Artix. Continue reading

Switching keyboard maps on openbox

In many common desktops there is a panel/taskbar combination that incorporates an available gadget/add-on “thingy” that you can click and switch between keyboard maps.  You may have customized maps or standard language mappings.  It will not change the painted characters on your keyboard but it will tell the system what character is on which combination of keys.  Openbox, out of the box, does not have such luxury.  Continue reading

Devuan testing new amprolla3 powered repository

If you like to test the new amprolla3 powered repository system here is a small list of optional /etc/apt/sources.list

deb https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/merged/ ascii main contrib non-free
deb https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/merged/ ascii-backports main contrib non-free
deb https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/merged/ ascii-proposed-updates main contrib non-free
deb https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/merged/ ascii-security main contrib non-free
deb https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/merged/ ascii-updates main contrib non-free
deb https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/devuan/ ascii-proposed main contrib non-free
deb https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/devuan/ ascii-proposed-security main contrib non-free
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