Hyperbola and freedom in your Arch based installation

https://www.hyperbola.info/If you want to install Hyperbola a new version has just come out.  Hyperbola is very serious about the freedom in software and have gone a step further than most to clean their arch based system out of “non-free” software.

What if you don’t want to install hyperbola but you are running an Arch based distro, Arch, Manjaro, Obarun, Artix, ArchBang, etc etc.. AND you are curious  on how many packages you have installed that are not free.  Do you know?

Edited Dec 11th 2018:  Note on the end of the article

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Critisism is meant for Open and Free to construct

The following appeared on Manjaro’s Distrowatch comments list and it is basically the summary of what was discussed in the distro’s forum, which based on an announcement in the technical part of the forum was shoved to the off-topic/irrelevant discussions, and those exercising the freedom to express “constructive criticism” for Manjaro were eventually banned from the forum.  The disturbing reality is the social dynamic of internet forums where those that supposedly are advocates of freedom, choice, variety, against uniformity and dictatorial decision making from above, remain silent in the practice of banning pests. Continue reading