Is OpenBSD the most secure OS? In what way?

This is an open call to any willing to contribute a summary or even an extensive analysis of the ways that OpenBSD is superior in terms of security to Linux and other systems.  The motivation stems from two comments that have appeared here recently by cynwulf (1,2).  To clarify the motivation for this is not to counter such a presentation to defend linux but to learn ourselves, as we simply don’t know.  Between the marketing rhetoric of various systems it is hard to really tell what claim really stands up and what is unsupported.  From the long list of open and sometimes free operating systems you will hardly find one that doesn’t claim it is secure.  So here we go revisiting the terms security, privacy, anonymity, to conceptualize what in general data-security means and whether one needs to be concerned, or not – so concerned. Continue reading

Waterfox: you’re in charge of who sees what

More privacy

Waterfox doesn’t sell access to your personal information like other companies. In fact – they don’t even collect any. From privacy tools to tracking protection, you’re in charge of who sees what.

Here’s how Waterfox protects your privacy

This sounds like a pretty good commitment compared to what is going around these days in the front of “selling users’ personal information”.   Most browsers today seem to cater to the needs of internet controlling corporations and less to users’ needs, making it harder for them to control the flow of personal information outwards, Continue reading