Artix and Devuan linux in Greek

A new project for users who prefer Greek language that follows the progress of this blog now exists.  It is named after Hellenic Linux as hellinux

It may be of little value and interest as the vast majority who speak Greek in the computing world are fluent in English as well, as a community to promote linux use and especially free of systemd it may be an important meeting place.

While on Devuan do as Dev1ers do

A great aspect of Devuan is its inherent stability and resistance to security bugs that become well well known throught the linux community way before they reach even the testing part of the distribution.  In this respect Devuan is one up on security even from the mothership, Debian, as Jessie is still stable on Devuan.  So between 2-3 months in lag it is even more secure than Debian.  When a security bug appears and a fix is produced it flows down to stable and in the future old-stable, in a matter of hours of updating the mirrors.  When testing (ascii) becomes stable (the parallel of Stretch) which might only be a few weeks from now, and for about the next couple of years this will be the true Devuan, Devuan 2.  Jessie will still have at least 3 more years of support. Continue reading