10 thoughts on “linux distributions without systemd (replaced)

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  2. The very first distro in this list, MXLinux, actually ships systemd 2.36 in it… If it’s currently based on Debian, I’m afraid MXLinux won’t be a suitable choice for those who, like me, want a systemd free distro, no matter how smoothly that distro run. A pity…


  3. First of all being #1 on the DW list means it receives the most inquiries by DW distrohoppers. Nothing else. In the past few months it has been the steady fastest moving upwards most popular distro. Mint is the next one to be dethroned.

    After a long stuck up distance from MX, because of what you say, I tried it out of curiosity and being able to have first hand experience. This is just recently and trying MX-18-rc1. It does serve newcomers to linux well, easy to install and run with little experience, just like an ubuntu or mint, or manjaro. It does contain systemd and libsystemd, but they are not used as init or service management. They are just there inactive serving any possible dependency to them. An extremely different approach to antix on which MX is based on. I think Devuan falls right in between the two interrelated distibutions.

    For experienced users to change this is pretty easy. Basically you’d be converting MX to antix. Very little will change actually.
    I think it is problematic due to the message sent to upstream developers that they can freely continue to base their software to systemd based distributions, making them dysfunctional for everyone else that doesn’t use systemd. Some of them to configure themselves they need to stop, modify, and restart a service. So, developers include systemd commands to do so. It would have been easy to use a more universal format as it is for others to modify those tiny little details to fit their systems. This is what maintainers and packagers of non-systemd distributions do all day, day in and day out.

    Again, I am neither discarding it or defending their choice, I am just trying to be objective.
    On any arch based distribution that uses systemd it takes me about 15′ to convert and reboot to either S6 (through Obarun), Runit, or OpenRC (through Artix). On Debian based distributions it is a much lengthier and messy process as there is so much interdependency to deal with. I take my hat off to AntiX that they can tolerate Debian’s autism and keep doing it so long with actually three different distributions, stable, testing, and sid. Currently Stretch, Buster, and Sid, are almost like three different systems. Just saying that pkgs flow from sid, to testing, to stable, does not mean that the overall structure is the same. Buster in specific is quite a different animal than Stretch. I run both Antix testing and antix-sid. It is not easy for the developers.

    MX just wraps everything up in a nice package that makes it attractive to much needed new linux users. If it wasn’t for them they would all end up to systemd distributions. So they serve a purpose and do it well.


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  5. They seem pretty quiet about it, it is even hard to tell on their web-page. The pkg lists of comparing the last two editions 8.2 and 8.6 (and a mysterious 8.4), reveal the effort.
    8.6 pkg list
    8.2 pkg list

    There is a package now like what antiX uses called no-systemd which creates conflicts with systemd related packages and points out what you have to remove to install it. Once installed no pkg dependency that relates to systemd may come in.

    AntiX has a package called systemd-must-die which is very similar 🙂


  6. Sorry your message was stored on spam folder, I don’t know what tripped akismet/wordpress spam filter.
    I looked at thsi paldo, it looked interesting on the description, pain in the “redhat” to get it going with this weird image they publish, but then I noticed systemd in their boot menu … and thought what a great waste of time this was.



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