FigOSdev: An Open Letter to the FSFE

My Open Letter to the FSFE

I am not an “Open Source” advocate, I’m about Free Software. I used to be a member of the FSF; I’ve even sung the Free Software Song outside the original FSF headquarters (I made it all the way there and they were closed, so that was the best idea I came up with before we turned back.)

I was an open source advocate at one point many years ago, but I spent so much time trying to sort out what they said about free software vs. what the FSF said, it finally occurred to me that “open source” was trying to rewrite history– and that’s a pet peeve of mine. People who rewrite history to serve their agenda insult your intelligence and your integrity. Continue reading

Should We Rank Systemd-free Distros By Their Success In That Very Thing?

Adapted from a post on the new forum: 
<by FigOSdev>

Ranking systemd-free distros by how much they have managed to remove systemd doesn’t seem like a crazy idea to me at all. I don’t believe anyone thinks that’s the only factor in choosing a distro, nor are they going to switch just because one ranks higher than another.

There are certainly other merits in a systemd-free distro. Continue reading

FigOS 2.8? An interview with the creator of Fig & FigOS

Hello, welcome to our site and congratulations in picking up your project and preparing a new edition.  This is so for the 200th post we made it special and are trying something new.

  • You said in a previous post that you picked up where you left a year ago and made a new version based on refracta9 and shortly after you made another version based on ascii and attempted to clean the system from libsystemd0?  Please clarify some of this so readers who want to try it know exactly what they need to download.  Is there a 2.8 in the making following the latest Refracta 9 beta 2 release?
    [correction from figosdev: fig (the language/translator) in refracta is 2.9 (dec 2015) while the most recent version of mkfigos/fig os is 2.8 (apr 2018.) fig doesnt have a tardis, these versions of fig and mkfigos are simply close together. the latest fig is still 4.5]

Continue reading

Running Refracta 9 Beta (Ascii) without libsystemd

yet another interesting article by FigOSdev:

Running Refracta 9 Beta (Ascii) without libsystemd

I’ve upgraded(?) my main machine from Jessie to Ascii, and to be fair, Ascii is still in Beta. I do hope it will improve.

libsystemd0 came in, and it’s funny, I thought I had that pinned. It’s almost impossible to tell if you have stuff pinned anymore, but maybe that pin was on a different machine or setup. Continue reading

Brief look at FigOS and upgrade to ascii

According to the “officially official” devuan forum administrator, FigOS is not a Devuan derivative because it is also based on Refracta and another distribution (puppy).  I run FigOS live, the latest version 2.6 and I really was looking for the puppy aspects of it, since it is not Devuan, which I have been keeping a distance of.  I am not too much of a fun of iceWM and gdm and xfce4 stuff, so I transfromed every desktop part into my familiar openbox.  I left everything else in tact.  It installed as reliably and easily as anything utilizing the Refracta tools marvel.  Nothing else works as reliably as this installer.  Continue reading