WordPress classic editor!

1 You go to posts (show all posts)

2 Top left it says:


Add New the drop menu has classic editor for a new post. If somehow there is a trick for editing existing posts with it that would be nice, ….

Wait a minute, now classic editor is back for old posts …. Hmmm….. maybe someone is listening!   IS EVERYONE GETTING CLASSIC EDITOR BACK?

Thanks to our community member commenting below “Respect” we may stick around a little longer.

WE REFUSE TO SUCCUMB TO THE BLACKMAIL BY WORDPRESS.COM and we will not write another article other than this notice and a note of where we have moved to in protest to the blackmail WORDPRESS.COM is using upon us. How is this for advertising?

For some months now wordpress introduced a very horrible way to edit, which I am using now, and made it really hard to start a document, then exit, then edit it with the traditional very functional editor they now call Classic.

Since not enough people I suppose adopted it or bought a subscription to the site, they now removed the classic editor and made it available as an “addon” feature to the paying subscribers. Decisions about “how to make money” are hardly challenged by logical/rational arguments, they are solely made by the money maker.

If hundreds and hundreds of readers every day of the year who visited this site, getting exposed to all this wordpress advertising, wasn’t enough of payment to provide us with “classic editor addon” (what wordpress was like for the past 10+ years) then we must make our own decisions and somehow end this relationship before it turns more abusive and exploitative.

Till we locate a healthier host for the site, feel free to comment and contribute here.  An obvious notice will also be posted unless WordPress decides that part of the extortion scheme they are exercising will be to disable the site all together.

1 thing is for sure, the next site will not be using wordpress, not because it is poor software but because the owners of this software are using such methods, like common street thugs or the mafia. Even the mafia in most respects doesn’t act this way. Our loss your gain (wordpress), our gain your loss! That makes a very poor partnership and an abrupt end of such partnership.

We call upon the wordpress.com bloggers who share the same reaction to join us in protest against this extortion.


16 thoughts on “WordPress classic editor!

  1. I propose a bit of a different solution.

    The web, in its current state, is bad for freedom. “Free” hosting providers only provide free hosting when it’s convenient for them.

    sysdfree community is mainly about articles and discussion. You can write your articles in some document format and upload them to Library Genesis (Libgen). Discussion can happen in an IRC channel. You can do “comments” by just prefixing the md5 (or whichever hash you’d like) of a document which you upload to Libgen. This system gives you a lot more autonomy than the oligopoly of the “web”. People can just grep IRC logs with the hash for “comments”.

    Don’t feed the web. We need to use the internet more creatively.

    You can also consider doing torrents for big files. A simple, static web page that gives an index for torrents and links to Libgen documents is quite easy to do. You can host an onion site yourself to provide simple indices.

    An IRC server doesn’t take up a lot of resources either. You can host these on embedded devices these days.

    Even if you don’t follow the above suggestions, I hope they give you some useful ideas.

    You can do both IRC and a static web page (onion site) over Tor. You don’t even need to pay for a domain name, this way.

    Most people interested in this community are competent enough to work with Tor. The added privacy is just a bonus to the autonomy you get.

    Best wishes.


  2. Thanks for the proposal, I’ll have to take a good look at the options.

    libgen central site from the US, of all places, is down permanently – available for purchase if you dare.

    In my prison camp (country) where totalitarianism is constantly elevated to new highs and more and more human rights are violated in formal structural changes or casually by authorities violating them, to identify one’s self as a trouble maker for the rich and powerful can have very adverse consequences, similar to “no new posts …. ever!”.

    So some of those options are red flags for being branded as an enemy. The digital revolution, neoliberalism, and seamless cooperation of “agencies” has really made no difference where you are. With the exception of some equally repressive regimes, the remaining world is a US colony, end-to-end. So if you appear as an enemy of multinational banks and industries you are a US enemy, and there is no place to hide, no “public space”, no “rights”.

    I happen to be in one of those few EU countries where libgen is banned officially, so it is only a matter of time that this colonial puppet will block its mirrors as well.

    A tor site means a tor server, and just logging in to use the browser sends flags up to “such agancies” to monitor your digital and likely you physical activities.

    Being anti-capitalist you get the sympathy of the left, more or less. Being also anti-state you get little sympathy and solidarity only from those who are already in trouble. If you get my drift. In this particular site we examine not just how evil IBM’s trojan horse code is spread and enforced, but also how its coperation with “other agents” are ganging up against humanity. I don’t differentiate one agency with another red agency, in being better or worse. They are part of the same.

    IRC…. that is an other can of worms. To run an IRC server responsibly you need to take measures to ensure the safety and security of your guests. If you use a server controlled by others you are telling your guests to trust someone you don’t know or control their activities, so it is even worse than not knowing enough to protect them.

    I wrote an article here posing a question on the trust at irc.freenode.net and its origins. I don’t see any of the friendly linux distributions, even Obarun, come out and discredit my claims. They are all into blind trust. I can understand those who are willing to take chances for their own risks, but shouldn’t lure guests into a trap. irc.freenode.net are phantoms who moved shop from one side of the atlantic to the other with pseudonames to keep control of “active players” in a field of interest. I dare all those offended to open a discussion on how wrong I am. If it takes such little resources to run an irc server why aren’t linux distros at least running their own but rely on this “free” resource of irc.freenode.net

    I am currently considering neocities, using plain html if possible, but it will take some time to transform 300 articles into html files, and most importantly I consider guests’ comments just as important or more than articles themselves, even when I tend to disagree. To transfer all this into neocities will take time and work, and both are in shortage due to severe economic restrains and inability to sell work due to closures. Barely surviving physically .. here… I am not talking about exotic vacation budget-cuts. I am talking about rear bicycle tires instead of using old fronts 🙂


  3. I happen to be in one of those few EU countries where libgen is banned officially, so it is only a matter of time that this colonial puppet will block its mirrors as well.

    I have seen Libgen resist censorship for several years. Libgen uploads get automatically mirrored to stuff like Zlibrary. It’s much more reliable than WordPress or any other alternative. But I won’t push this strategy any further because you have your legitimate reasons for why Libgen is unsuitable for you.

    I don’t trust Freenode either. I can’t really help on this front.

    I see you are under heavy strain so I won’t suggest anything to put more strain on you. Thanks for everything you’ve already done. My research greatly benefits from all the work the sysdfree community does about the carcinogenic IBM (and related dictatorships’) programs.

    Neocities seems like a good option, if you can automate the process. Maybe some combination of Selenium and Javascript? Neocities does do comments so you should be okay on that front.


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  5. You don’t need to go WP’s “Classic Block” route; you just need to know where WP hid the real Classic Editor.

    *** This process only works on the WP web site in a browser, not on their ‘wpcom’ program. ***

    Login to the WP web site with your user credentials.

    From the Dashboard page, select ‘Posts’, then ‘Add New’; you’ll see a droplist box button at the top left also labeled “Add New”.

    Click on that button and you’ll find the Classic Editor is a choice; select it, post, and enjoy. 🙂

    If WP removes the Classic editor and tries to force us to use their “Classic Block” one, I’ll walk too.

    This address expires at midnight; a reply won’t be possible. Keep up the Good Fight against the abomination that is systemd.


  6. Whose midnight, mine or yours?

    So you are saying this is available through their wp.com gui only, not on the web-page?
    I built that thing but I was a bit uneasy of logging into it … before I test it out a bit.

    What I was thinking of doing was to run a local wp-server and then have any addons and editors I want, write the article on the local server then some how synchronize the two. I got php and nginx running already and the wp software installed.

    I am also researching how to convert their xml transport pkg into html and then uploading the whole thing to neocities. As you see I don’t like complex web styles and script rich stuff. Plain easily readable text and a picture every now and then.

    I can also quit and start from scratch 🙂 or write about bicycle since linux seems like a lost cause, except for 66 and Obarun of course.

    But it is nice to see someone else concerned about the abuse we get by the “free” servers.
    That visitor count means money to wp.com, but that is not enough, they have to squeeze some more blood out of turnips. It is not much they ask for, about 10% of my income right now is their base program. I’d rather eat and sleep under a roof.


  7. Thanks again, but I never liked that interface, I prefer the one where you have the name of the blog infront like: sysdfree.wordpress.com/wp-admin

    They added back classic editor in editing existing posts and pages, this is what they had taken away when I wrote the article. Since they did change I changed my article too. If the change lasts I will take it down as it appears now to be complaining about a non-issue.

    I guess getting a few hundred unique hits on an article bashing wordpress.com drew some management attention.
    On edublogs you can select your editor and it can default to classic. Their themes though are not very editable, there is little you can change with color and fonts. But I much rather have this restriction than writing through this crappy new editor for dummies.

    wordpress.com scripts running minimally, so you can write and publish, are increasing. Google and facebook providing them with free apis get forced down readers/writers throats. The web admin doesn’t care, he just wants to show some additional gadgetry, in exchange for selling out users/readers/writers cheap to the sharks.

    Most people know they can locate, read, and comply to google’s agreement with the public, but has anyone noticed or read what gstatic.com does? You can hardly read a commerchial website without gstatic being on.

    Long live NoScript


  8. Hello from France dictatorship…

    I acknowledge that “free” hosting providers make their owns rules and can take you down without further notice…

    There is only one solution, get your own hosting with a descent provider.

    I have found one in France who charge me 90 euros for a year with a pretty descend network connexion and a domain name included.

    I can install any web software I want on it and I even have a ssh access to the server.

    I tested many web softwares and after all the only one who remains is pluxml a little cms without any database, but really powerful.

    So don’t get in trouble with actual propaganda, just follow your feelings and say what you have to say, freedom and truth is the only way for braves.


  9. At the moment even 90 is tough, but eventually for a reliable site 90 is not bad at all, who are they? I don’t mind a low limit on bandwidth, even the few media, mostly logos of distributions I have used, are not a high necessity. A diagram/png here and there or screenshot is not much. But if I can find such a server with reliable service the vast majority is low bandwidth markup text, whether I stay with wordpress or revert to simple, clean, elegant, html with no scripts. Instant anonymous commenting and encouraging live communication among community members is essential.

    The other issue is that “if you pay online” for a service you are no longer anonymous, which means the various N.American and EEC/EU dictatorships can knock on your door for adverse marketing to the interests they serve (multinational corporations and banking). The global dictatorship is set up to defend those. The localized/national rich who have not shifted their wealth to the handling of this Class Union (multinational banking) will not be defended for long or survive to comprehend the shift. Capitalism is now a fluid that flows in 6 continents and 7 seas, even oceans have been devided to privately controlled parcels, and there is no governement or power to challenge this domination.

    Cockroaches like myself (like I even worth their attention) will be squashed by this global dictatorship in the near future. We can maintain a legal anonymity using free servers as it would currently be a violation of local laws to obtain the true identity of the user to use in court. Too complicated for them to go down that rabbit hole, YET! We both know they can, it is the political cost of doing so that is challenged. So go ahead punks, make our day!

    Recently, locally, when a cop was beaten severely by protesters of “police brutality” they admitted to media they used the phones of those involved in beating to get photos and conversations of those involved. They say live! So they can point with a gps coordinate to a point and listen live, or are conversations and video/pics from phones not on line, saved somewhere for future analysis? Wow….. what do you call this? A Freudian slip? Did they just reveal this legal ability in public to media, just so they can prosecute a couple of mobsters? Was it worth it? Damn, how many hours do we have left before we are all gaged?

    Thanks to all the open and free contributions to the android trojan horse in your pockets, fools!

    We are free in “sharing” coffee cake recipes, but are we free to talk about the lethal contributions of multinationals to global health?

    My test of running an html and wordpress server in my Lan worked fine. Thanks to obarun’s php-fpm and nginx -66serv ices running on a wp tree 🙂 # 66-all wp up # 66-all wp down 🙂


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  11. Hello sysdfree-editor,

    Ho, well, I know that American people now go through some dark times as well us from European countries in some ways.

    A very few bunch of people try to force their progressive views of the world who have nothing to do with the real world and try to get advantage against real people who are actually suffering but it’s not really the subject.

    Yes we are not anonymous over the Internet, and we have to pay attention to what we are saying nowadays because of these liberals who may harass you with no mercy and no redemption just for a single word higher than the other, as free speech is not protected anymore.

    We cannot use social medias as well as “free” providers today because of the ideological deviance of our society.

    But we can still have our own protected space to express our opinions in some ways.

    Obviously, this kind of solution costs a few bucks but set you free from these unpleasant people if your words remain clever and moderate.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that Systemd and other controversial projects are just creatures from people who try to keep their job position at all costs. They don’t care about the interests of the Community and can change they mind in a blink of an eye if needed so we just can’t trust them.

    This is why we must keep a consistent way to run our systems that will be resilient in the future and avoid those freaks.

    And like you do here on this site, we who know have to tell to other people who don’t know that there is another way to do the things far away from the “matrix” those people are trying to lock us down into.

    But if they don’t want to accept that there is another way after that, it’s their loss.



  12. I’d like to skip over the contradiction of “progressives and the real world”, it sounds a bit too Trumpesque of a statement, sorry. Not enough data for me to process, and I don’t really sell anything here to have to worry about losing customers.

    But I would like to comment on the illusion of things like systemd/freedesktop being pure products of “individuals”. You can’t hardly find two people to agree on details of anything to do things together, let alone 3, or 3 hundred, or 3 thousand, and we are talking about IBM here. Only peons would fall for the fairy tale of success of RH, recognized by the giant and purchased AS-IS-WHEREIS and allow ANYONE, in there to do as they please. This entire enterprise for more than a decade was organized, financed (see money laundering that is legal and allowed globally between large corporations – the passive passing of subcontracting as “gifts” to finance someone) and “plotted” by IBM, who had a choke hold on anything RH did or didn’t do. Puppet CEOs know exactly what is good for them.

    This is one of the largest sets of blobs the unix world has ever seen. It is now expanding into kernel functionality, or the linux-foundation whistling corporate choices to employee functionality already developed by the sys-d gang. All the way to the desktop and in all layers in between, wayland, pulseaudio, even pipewire, gnome, …etc…

    Those are not choices of “individuals” who want their Jaguar and heated swimming pool, those are well orchestrated and conducted symphonic orchestras to achieve “a goal”. A goal set by bean counters advising the board of IBM on how to proceed for the next decade or two and be able to be in the fore-front of globally financed market of government agencies and large organization computing needs. You can’t escape this totalitarianism plot.

    “HE” who provides adequate military protection and guarantees for IBM’s financial interests and wealth “HE” may have access to all of its global systems of information. Nobody else!

    And you want to reduce this argument as a few bad programmers who want to protect their personal interests. There is organization of people who share interests, we shouldn’t miss the forest for looking at trees. Any coder, no matter how decorated and important he may seem, is just another bug in a windshield of an armored limo traveling through town at twice the speed limit with stealth aerial support.

    I am open to discussion as long as we are basing the discussion in rationality and not wishful fairy tale thinking, of the glorious super-programmer who turned rogue to satisfy his personal kinky tendencies. Capitalist dictatorship is a very rational system. It will progress as far as it is allowed to, even to destroy humanity and earth.


  13. Thank you, and I agree. Not everything based on the US is jeopardized and useless. So riseup has shown no signs of decay since 99 (or was it a little later ;). The reasons for defending this is not technical in nature, and technical attacks can not bring down a fort. The reasons for this defense of this fort is political. The political costs would have been too high to bring down or “draw attention to” something like riseup. This is often an important detail missed by many politically minded tech-people who focus on technical defense of their creations.

    indymedia though is a lost cause. As far as the choice that was made to bring the dns behind corporate firewalls and require open scripts to access any of their sub-sights … the political choice should have been to shut it down, instead of handing out to corporate hawks millions of activists globallly. Those sub-sites that also accepted this decision and continued as “business as usual” are doubly suspect for their decision making. If you can’t read html and write into a form without java and other scripts running by a 3rd party on your browser, how dare you call this “indy-media”.

    Long live riseup


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