FSF Richard M. Stallman and the gangsters of the globe

There is much talk these days about RMS, the founder of FSF returning to the board of FSF and IBM refusing to have him, popular demand, vote, or otherwise.

I could list countless articles here as a detailed research on the matter, but the plethora of them TOTALLY MISS THE ISSUE.

Who decides and how is a decision made?  Is it influence by rational arguments or is it a choke-hold maneuver that even his (RMS’s) dearest of friends can’t escape?

The rational argument by IBM, and their fellow mutually interested global giant corporations, is “YOU DO AS WE SAY, OR NO MONEY COMING TO YOU“.

This is what every democracy in the planet has been reduced to, every democratic process that “tolerated” money/funding to be part of the decision making process.

Corporations are dictatorships that ENFORCE DICTATORIAL DECISION processes for every human activity.  The organization among them, global banking and financing, is ruling earth.   The rest “think” that they vote and decide.

I don’t care about this Stallman character or any other hippie thinking they can lead and rule in organization, along side “corporations” and funding channels.

The initial thinking was that “free” is against corporate interests and no corporation would be interested in entering an “open and free” market of sharing.

Think again!  Oracle, QT, IBM/RH, HP, Facebook, Google, even MS, are all producing and offering open and free code, for a seat at the decision making process so they can scream:   YOU DO AS WE SAY OR YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO EAT TOMORROW

Not even god can escape such dictatorial chains on humanity, if he existed, but humans still retain the ability to organize and regain freedom and dignity, because currently it is all lost.  So keep writing articles about the character traits of Stallman while some of the world’s largest corporations hold decision seats in FSF and Linux Foundation arguing “DO AS I SAY OR NO MONEY FOR YOU“.



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6 thoughts on “FSF Richard M. Stallman and the gangsters of the globe

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  2. At traditional big “free software” organizations, (GNU, FSF, Debian, etc), there is a nearly complete lack of Democratic representation, of any kind.

    This way, the decisions are made, by a bunch of clowns (-puppets), who only care about their gigantic ego and fat wallet.

    We urgently need institutions with a Democratic spirit and way of work.
    The current ones driven to an epic failure, and they are not any more, to be trusted.


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  5. As was to be expected, OpenSuse (probably MS driven) now joined the blackmailing practised by Fedora/IBM.


  6. Woke/Cancel-culture/SJW doesn’t seem to want to throw itself into its own wood-chipper, perhaps in part because it doesn’t, or doesn’t want to, notice it.

    If it did, would it vanish?

    If we– whoever this mythical, magical, marvellous ‘we’, that can do, say and think no ‘wrong’, would be– could actually successfully ‘deplatform’ everyone (the ones that cannot), it is extremely doubtful there’d be anyone left on any platform, anywhere. LOL

    Like the lyrics to Leonard Cohen’s song, The Future…

    “Give me back my broken night
My mirrored room, my secret life

    It’s lonely here

    There’s no one left to torture…”


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