Important: Palemoon users and NoScript support (Parody)

Yesterday our readers discovered problems with the Pale Moon web browser, which according to the NoScript website has either security, compatibility or usability issues when using popular add-ons like NoScript:

One reader who uses NoScript found the plugin was displaying the above window and offering to disable the Pale Moon browser, rather than have it cause users any further trouble.

Visiting the NoScript forums, we found the following post from NoScript developer Giorgio Maone:

All users of Pale Moon please take note: the Pale Moon browser is the cause of many, many websites breaking (more every day) and we cannot reasonably provide support any longer when you have Pale Moon installed, because in the vast majority of cases it is not a browser issue, but a software developer being overzealous in its blocking (e.g. criticism from everyday users) though sometimes it is even due to bugs in the browser itself. We recommend switching from Pale Moon to some other browser, or disabling the blocklist in the settings may help some users. Any attempt at fixing these issues without performing a full uninstall of the browser are usually met with further problems (of some kind) in several months.

For most users, the only way to get back to a sane working condition is:

Completely remove Pale Moon from the computer

Clear your cookies (Unless you are using Private Browsing)
Empty your cache (Unless you are using Private Browsing)
Restart the computer (Windows users only)

We’re sorry that you will be considered to be “on your own” when you use Pale Moon, but it’s been a cause for way too much lost troubleshooting time and wasted energy from developers and community members alike, and we simply can’t keep doing this.

We have asked Maone if Pale Moon is really a problem here, and why. So far, we only know that NoScript is not interested in supporting Pale Moon any further, and we were asked if we would stop talking about it on their forums.

Some fans of Pale Moon have suggested that this measure is excessive, unnecessarily blames the browser for working as intended, and inconveniences users more than it helps them– these fans have suggested that we remove NoScript instead.

Although we are disappointed with the attitude of the developers, this move has soured a number of NoScript users who have come to trust Pale Moon– and rather than remove a browser that often yields sub-par results, they have opted instead to remove a plugin that many of us consider essential to browsing safely online.

Of course that is their choice, and like the NoScript website says:


“Your computer, Your say.”

We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment, though some of us will be following the advice of the dialog and removing Pale Moon just to be sure.

2 thoughts on “Important: Palemoon users and NoScript support (Parody)

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