Palemoon enforces scripts even harder now points to this discussion on its forum about noscript if you try to install noscript from its source page.  Although palemoon, as far as we know, has provided 0 evidence to classify noscript as malware, in the discussion itself that they are promoting as “reason”, their claim is “just a warning“, and that you are free to choose otherwise.  NOT TRUE ANYMORE  The matter that noscript breaks pages is really no reason as people “choose” to break such pages to protect themselves.  Continue reading

Waterfox: you’re in charge of who sees what

More privacy

Waterfox doesn’t sell access to your personal information like other companies. In fact – they don’t even collect any. From privacy tools to tracking protection, you’re in charge of who sees what.

Here’s how Waterfox protects your privacy

This sounds like a pretty good commitment compared to what is going around these days in the front of “selling users’ personal information”.   Most browsers today seem to cater to the needs of internet controlling corporations and less to users’ needs, making it harder for them to control the flow of personal information outwards, Continue reading

Important: Palemoon users and NoScript support (Parody)

Yesterday our readers discovered problems with the Pale Moon web browser, which according to the NoScript website has either security, compatibility or usability issues when using popular add-ons like NoScript:

One reader who uses NoScript found the plugin was displaying the above window and offering to disable the Pale Moon browser, rather than have it cause users any further trouble. Continue reading