Obarun on the Linux Hall of Fame (distrowatch)

Obarun is now portrayed in Distrowatch

Obarun seems to have started back in the summer of 2015, so it is nearing three years of age, but few people know about it.  The name came from a combination of Openbox Arch and Runit, its initial init system.  Although the live image’s window manager has changed to JWM due to size, the init system soon after Obarun’s inception changed to S6.S6 is similar in some ways to runit, it is light, fast and relatively simple to setup and modify, it is just as reliable as runit (used in Void for years and recently in Artix) but theoretically it is superior to runit for reasons that we will leave for another time.  It is best you read this very well documented comparison by Steve Litt if you are interested in the subject.

Installing Obarun is a treat.  It is simple yet precise.  It lets you pick any package, dm, wm, desktop, that is available in Arch’s repositories or AUR from the installation script.  If you don’t like jwm or any package you see on the live system you will not have to ever see it again. In your installation will only be what you want, and you can omit any and all packages on the default list apart from the core system and Obarun’s init, while you can add your own list.   We have made more than 10 installations in the past 6 months, and we have heard of others’ installing it after our recommendation, and every-single one came out happy.  The only one ever having a problem was a friend who’s one (family) machine blew up, and all he was left with for his own was a 32bit laptop.  Unfortunately Obarun is 64bit only as Arch is.

From all distributions we have tested and tried for presenting them on this web-site Obarun is, and has been for a while, our number one pick.  And it is by far a number 1  pick because it does everything “we want” well and has been very stable doing it.  Best of all Obarun continues to inspire us and we believe generally the anti-systemd domination front.  Obarun has some strict standards (values and principles)  to not allow any of the hydra’s branches into its system, not even systemd libraries, or by making dummy dependencies to full software that systemd is here.  When the chief developer feels a package is needed and can not install due to dependencies he rebuilds it and makes it an Obarun package.  Obarun is “honest” in its claims.

The s6 init system is Obarun’s heart.  Obarun is not developing this init system but it is a primary testbed for the application of s6.  A casual user may not have to ever learn or do anything to the init system, but it is highly advisable that an Obarun user takes some time to study  this very well documented system.

Except for the init system Obarun produces various tools of its own, as is the installer, the iso making package that allows you to backup, clone, or make a live image of your system to take with you, among many other tools for developers, programmers, or exploring users.

If by any chance you find something you didn’t like with Obarun we like to hear it.  If not, we probably will hear from you at the Obarun forum.  See you there!


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