Devuan desktop backgrounds

by Devuan user-artist ThurahT

Three even newer DEVUAN backgrounds by JoshuaFlynn

Two more backgrounds by Joshua Flynn

from the Dev1 Forum
I am not a professional I just thought I should give it a try in a slightly different color direction than the official

Dark Green and Devuan Logo

solid dark green and devuan logo


One thought on “Devuan desktop backgrounds

  1. what happened to this guy? i was having a peek at the d1g forum (months i think) and i found josh getting some pretty heavy handed corralling which im not sure was warranted.

    but i dont care about that, i just want to know if we can contact him and invite him to redo the arguments against systemd on his own thread with us. he was called a troll, but as far as i can tell the reason for that is this:

    “i want to talk about anti-systemd”

    “we dont need to talk about that, we just use devuan, its systemd-free”

    “devuan isnt quite though is it? its still got quite a–”

    “oh i get it, youre a troll.”

    maybe he is a troll. but this word gets thrown around a lot, he looks more like an enthusiast to me. do we have a way to contact him?

    if hes the same guy as the one on github, he has his own non-free software license that claims ideas arent free. even if he is a troll, id love to talk to this guy.


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