Alpine linux hardened openbox and xfce4 tested

The image selection for installing or using live is a little confusing.  It is confusing as there is standard. extended, vanilla, virtual, xen, and mini-root filesystem.  I used extended and that was a little more than 342MB, the rest are about 100MB or less.  By current trends that is confusingly small.

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Shrugging at Vector Linux

I have been interested in trying something based on slackware so I picked out vector linux.   It says on its description that it contains LXDE, therefore openbox, which is what I use most often.  The installation was a little unusual but simple and worked out of the box.  I tried an iso for the VLocity edition. I initially tried installing openbox and a few LXDE native packages I am comfortable with (lxterminal, pcmanfm, lxappearance etc.).  Not much of what I installed really worked on openbox and the editions seemed older than I can remember.  So I went back to xfce. Continue reading

Brief review of RedCore (a Gentoo fork)

Redcore is yet another distribution consciously staying away from systemd, it is part of their “philosophy” as it is for Artix and Devuan.  Redcore is a fork of Gentoo in a non Gentoo kind of way.  In Gentoo you built all packages from source and you built the system piece by piece instead of doing an installation where an already built system is copied into your drive intact and ready to boot.  Redcore takes that step to avoid you of all the trouble (days of work, reading, compiling and configuring) and builds the Gentoo packages incorporating the most common hardware it may adopt to. Continue reading