How to chroot properly in Artix and repair your installation

I recently had a problem with all my Artix installations, as I had been away for a few days, I came back and decided to update them all. I had blind faith in Artix and its testing repositories and learned my lesson. It seems as I got caught within that period where updates were uploaded and mirrors were not fully synced. So all my upgrades seem to have been half done, even though it showed “all up to date nothing to do”. Glibc mkinitcpio, elongid, etc. were not all of the same edition and the kernel images produced were unbootable. Continue reading

Avoiding ISP’s default DNS or systemd’s-network-manager’s defaults in Artix (and similarly other Linux)

In the Arch-wiki article there is a very nice concentration of practical solutions so you can avoid the use of “default” DSP provided by your WAN in case you do not have absolute trust on the DNS server logging your traffic requests. ┬áNo matter what your reasoning is it is personal, but the idea of your activity being monitored and logged is commonly understood.

The detailed article is best read from the source, but a selection summary is copied below:


The configuration file for DNS resolvers is /etc/resolv.conf. From resolv.conf(5): Continue reading