History of Arch without systemd

archartixWhile researching the development of consolekit and its fork, consolekit2, I run into a really interesting thread in the Arch forum.  This was the beginning of Arch-OpenRC it seems and this is how the Arch hierarchy dealt with the inquiry and proposals.  The very first thing they did was to hide the thread from search engines, visible only to registered users.  Then they tried to push the guy in pursuit of this project to do what he wants elsewhere, not seek collaboration through the Arch forum.  The guy is none other than @Artoo, the force behind the Manjaro-OpenRC project, and one of the people who last year founded Artix. Continue reading

Converting from Manjaro or Arch to Artix

  • Is the conversion from Arch the same as Arch-OpenRC?  If you have an arch or arch based systemd system, can you convert to Artix as easily following the applicable procedure moves?

https://wiki.artixlinux.org/Main/Migration  This is for migrating from systemd Arch or Manjaro.

The guide at  https://systemd-free.artixlinux.org is for migrating from arch and manjaro  -openrc

Artix Manjaro BTRFS and volume management

Jorge de la Fuente

Hi, thanks for everything. I am comparing the installation in BTRFS of Manjaro Architec versus Artix and I see that Artix only creates 2 Subvolumes: “@” and “@home”, Architec creates 4 subvolumes: @, @cache, @home @snapshots this seems to have been implemented as a Improvement in Manjaro Architec, according to read here https://is.gd/5XsFGL can it be implemented in Artix?

I am definetely not an authority to speak on the issue, I have only tried BTRFS on a test installation and while I did not have any problems with it I read so many horror stories that I gave up and returned to ext4 safety.  I recently read that RedHat is giving up support for BTRFS and will no longer offer it.  One explanation I read was that if you use BTRFS and take snapshots of the system while you are testing to remove and escape from systemd people will start more and more attempting it.  I don’t know why anyone would run RH and try to escape systemd. Continue reading