Artix display managers and Openbox or LXDE

I am amazed how well Artix has been running and once you get comfortable it appears to be among the simplest to configure linux distributions.

Artix initially came with sddm as a display manager and LXQT as its default desktop, for those that need one.  To see how alternatives are able to work I tried lightdm which I am comfortable with for years.  It run very well but came with the same boring login screen that is the lightdm constant basic login screen.  It does what is needed simply and reliably.

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Installing Artix from scratch

I had no problems myself, first try, first hit.

Actually it is the best installer I have used yet.

I then moved on, scraped LXQT which I dislike and installed openbox and then LXDE.

I also switched to Lightdm from the original one.