News about Devuan and little news about Artix

I’ll start with Artix, which made one step closer to its official stable edition by shifting its testing-repository into stable. It was also reported as a distribution on Distrowatch.  If you go to the main page and click on most popular in 7days it ranks as 16th today (10/21) and I believe as 3rd non-systemd distribution.

Devuan announced the official release of amprolla3, Continue reading

Speculation or worst case scenario for Devuan?

From a discussion on devuan forum

About Devuan

Well, Debian software is behind mainstream distros anyway, Devuan will be on a par with Debian in the next release.
It just took time to purge the system, initially, of the entangled systemd.

Systemd is proposed to work like MS Registry, controlling most things from one encrypted file – totally against unix & linux principles.


@FOSSuser: Instead of packaging stuff Devuan packagers prefer to fight over the next iteration of their build infrastructure. Nobody has any idea where things should be headed, the current infrastructure is unmaintained (e.g. the Devuan gitlag is unsupported upstream by now!) and new people are being demotivated at every turn.

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Will the non-systemd community run out of steam?

The explosion on interest on Devuan seems to have reached its current capacity to deal with bugs.  Judging from the absence of feedback on the Dev1 forum on issues, lack of any recent updates, the summer vacation excuse seems to be running out of time.  It is easy for us to judge and criticize but we reach the point of cruelty unless we have dealt with development itself.  The interdependence of packaging is so complex that at some point the whole project needs to halt, fill all the holes opened, and then be able to move to a next step.  I suspect that part of the problem has been on putting too many eggs in a broken basket.  The basket in this case was Debian Jessie which had issues and in the past year it was put on hold to help speed up the delayed development of Stretch.  Stretch has had so much re-engineering that much of it can not transfer to Jessie.  Continue reading

The Bluez – Do you keep track of security alerts?

Today someone on the Devuan list asked about the status of Bluez

I notice in Ascii that bluez is at version 5.43-2

Does that version solve CVE-2017-1000251 + CVE-2017-1000250?

Either way, how would go about looking up that myself?

Debian has this notice:

Arch has sent out a security alert but as I don’t use bluez I didn’t worry about it. Continue reading

About Devuan repositories and the future


Gravimetric wrote: I think experimental then goes into unstable, then into a normal repo, over a period of time.

fsmithred wrote:

That’s the theory.

In theory, theory and practice are the same.
In practice, they are not.


That is probably how things may work in the distant future, but you can not apply debian logic to what is not yet formed as debian.
In theory, devuan is meant to be debian without systemd, and I believe that is what Jessie is, Debian Jessie without systemd and co-dependents, with substitutions.
Ascii is meant to be stretch w/o sysD, but I think it still needs some work. Continue reading

While on Devuan do as Dev1ers do

A great aspect of Devuan is its inherent stability and resistance to security bugs that become well well known throught the linux community way before they reach even the testing part of the distribution.  In this respect Devuan is one up on security even from the mothership, Debian, as Jessie is still stable on Devuan.  So between 2-3 months in lag it is even more secure than Debian.  When a security bug appears and a fix is produced it flows down to stable and in the future old-stable, in a matter of hours of updating the mirrors.  When testing (ascii) becomes stable (the parallel of Stretch) which might only be a few weeks from now, and for about the next couple of years this will be the true Devuan, Devuan 2.  Jessie will still have at least 3 more years of support. Continue reading

Bob Barber: Artix support and Devuan stability

The downloads for artix have hit triple digits, meanwhile the Manjaro forum has grouped everything artix related into one long thread, while the criticism of Manjaro becoming a systemd-only system has been withdrawn from public view and restricted to Manjaro Forum members. What are they afraid, negative publicity? If the outlook is negative how do they expect positive publicity? Manjaro with sysvinit/OpenRC used less resources than the same exact setup with SystemD. This will no longer be true after September as the OpenRC Manjaro will break. Continue reading

Meet Debian, a fork of Devuan

It may sound funny, but you could have Devuan with systemD but you can’t have Debian without systemD.  Those who “say” you can they need to specify a procedure for the variety of debian editions so we all can attempt it.  Think about it, the team that produced devuan 1.0 stable were mostly debian developers (some of the best) who disagreed with the move after Debian 7 and took years of hard work to produce devuan.  I am here to testify that Devuan runs just as reliably as any debian.  You can pick and choose packages from any Debian based distros if it is not enough (just keep a cautious eye so systemD does not crawl in there), and within a couple of clicks you can install and run systemD if you so desire.  You are FREE to do so.  It is easier than installing Continue reading