Refracta Devuan 2 Openbox Eudev OpenRC ready!

It all started with curiosity and we all know what this may get for a cat.  refracta logoBut we are not cats, and discoveries were always made by the curious.  Neither the labels unstable, testing, experimental, nor the initial experience was enough to keep this bear away from the honey.

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Freak Devuan experiment that did not backfire Devian/Debuan

As Devuan users have not been getting any feedback for why have things become so stale for two months, there are no updates seen in Jessie or Ascii, while the Debian train is running away with a daily influx of updated packages, there is not much convinvcing anyone can do for people to be patient.  Having bugs to deal with is one thing, not having bugs and expecting things to just evolve is a different issue.  So I thought what if?

What if questions sometimes break the best of systems.  So I cleaned my ascii installation and backed it up (using the classic dd on the installation’s partition).  If it broke I would not try to fix it too much, I’d rather just restore it and report back how and when it broke so others wouldn’t try the same thing. Continue reading

WARNING about Devuan endeavors/enDevuanors

Please read this if not the release notes before you click upgrade.  Jessie, stable Devuan, has full care and attention of the Devuan team of developers.  Ascii (the name of an other minor planet) which is Devuan-testing, has had minor initial attention and screening.  It is very unstable and already has proven semi-problematic.  It is by far a mild revision of straight Debian-Stretch.  No warranties that things will not break or pull in systemd dependencies and dependants.  Ceres (a third minor planet in the name sequence), Devuan-Unstable, is not even Debian-buster (testing), it is a copy of the Debian-unstable/Sid repository.  There is no Devuan intervention in this repository at all.  It is beyond even the scope of the Devuan team to be testing it. Continue reading