History of Arch without systemd

archartixWhile researching the development of consolekit and its fork, consolekit2, I run into a really interesting thread in the Arch forum.  This was the beginning of Arch-OpenRC it seems and this is how the Arch hierarchy dealt with the inquiry and proposals.  The very first thing they did was to hide the thread from search engines, visible only to registered users.  Then they tried to push the guy in pursuit of this project to do what he wants elsewhere, not seek collaboration through the Arch forum.  The guy is none other than @Artoo, the force behind the Manjaro-OpenRC project, and one of the people who last year founded Artix. Continue reading

ArchBang based on Artix

Download archbang-artix-210917.iso (625.0 MB)

According to Distrowatch this is a new release based on Artix.  ArchBang’s webpage is its forum.  Mr Green the AB developer seems to have given up on fighting the hacked init OpenRC system from Aur and switched the primary repositories of the system from Arch to Artix.  Continue reading

Arch with a Bang or ArchBang

More and more arch based non-systemd projects are converging to Artix, officially or unofficially we can’t tell, as officially Arch-OpenRC and Manjaro-OpenRC have taken the responsibility for the Artix creation.

Arch Bang Icon
Arch-Bang has switched its repositories to artix and was updated last August 17 2017.  But switching repositories alone does not automatically make a distribution an artix.  Yet again, as with Manjaro, there seem to be slight structural differences and configurations. Continue reading