antiX release 19 Marielle Franco

Marielle Franco  antiX 19 Marielle Franco

Rarely a good deed goes unpunished, especially when someone is trying to do something good for the benefit of the many, the weak, the poor, those who are lacking power, against all odds, the rich and powerful of every society. The story of Marielle Franco is a reminder to those who forget in whose world we live in and what it takes to change it.

So antiX 19 is code-named after the late Marielle Franco who dared to turn against wealth and power.

antiX-19 is based on Debian Buster and is as systemd-free as it has always been.  As usual it offers the following systemd-free flavours for both 32 and 64 bit architectures: Continue reading

AntiX 32bit gets Miyo-Linux attention

nonico aka miyolinux here…

Miyo AntiX 32bit

This is where I stand, and this is where I now place my roots. After revisiting antiX, I completely see the superiority of it. Though I built MiyoLinux on Devuan, though I’ve used and loved Void Linux, though I’ve used and loved Obarun…I am now proclaiming that antiX Testing (with Openbox) is my preferred system of choice.

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Antix 17.1 stable as a rock

Here is a brief presentation of what is new in anti-X 17.1 that was released a few days ago.  Followed by an extensive independent reviewer video.  Remember this is a rolling release so for us already running anti-X there is no news.  Also keep in mind this is as stable as Debian Stretch, – systemd and related trash, + a ton of antix tools you will not get in Debian and sometimes it is puzzling how come nobody thought of them before.

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