Plasma on Artrix



    Can i install plasma in artix from artix-base-rolling-x86_64.iso?


I do not see why not, although I have not tried myself, but all plasma related packages are readily available to be installed.  Also there is a plethora of plasma packages on AUR as well and installation is just as simple as it was on Manjaro or Arch.

Please verify or report if you had any problems.

Bob Barber: Artix support and Devuan stability

The downloads for artix have hit triple digits, meanwhile the Manjaro forum has grouped everything artix related into one long thread, while the criticism of Manjaro becoming a systemd-only system has been withdrawn from public view and restricted to Manjaro Forum members. What are they afraid, negative publicity? If the outlook is negative how do they expect positive publicity? Manjaro with sysvinit/OpenRC used less resources than the same exact setup with SystemD. This will no longer be true after September as the OpenRC Manjaro will break. Continue reading

Refresher course via the OP on why we’re here.

Refresher course via the OP on why we’re here.

Incipient * Diaspora
in an early stage of existence * a scattered population whose origin lies within a smaller geographic locale. As you have doubtless heard, Manjaro is getting out of the OpenRC business. Those of us who are here (to some degree) because they had been in it will have to hit the road eventually–per Phil’s post, the repos we run on will be shuttered, at some imprecise point in autumn. The approved migration plan is to a new distro called Artix. For some people this will doubtless be a good pat……

If someone who is a member of this Manjaro forum and wishes to share the rest of the article please do, as I was persecuted for criticising the direction that Manjaro opted for and was banned from the forum.  At the time I posted this it was an open public topic as most of the forum is.  The master owner of that forum except from banning me has also made all discussions that expressed Manjaro-SystemD criticism closed to members only..  Little that they know that there is no bad publicity, and criticism will find media to be expressed on despite of all efforts to silence it.  On Distrowatch Manjaro is still portrayed as a system open to any init system, but have silently chosen to be a Systemd-Only system.