32bit beaten by systemd agents

Not that distrowatch.com is any valid indicator of real use or a meaningful comparison among linux/unix/bsd distributions, but Manjaro has been established for some time now as a close 3rd to debian and looking at Mint.  Arch itself scores much much lower than the ubuntu of arch.

Just a little while ago, if one would use the search engine on distrowatch and selected an init system other than systemd, Manjaro would score number one as utilizing that init system.  How misleading was that?  Just about OpenRC would work and that after a very careful procedure to unload systemd and spiders, or by utilizing a different installer.  And that supported ability ended last month.  I don’t think any other init system worked without systemd, or at least it wouldn’t be stable to upgrade within Manjaro. Continue reading

An artix backround and customizing sddm login screen

Are you using sddm as a display manager and login screen together with the artix-sddm-theme?

All the relevant configuration files are located in /usr/share/sddm/themes/artix and on /etc/sddm.conf

Some of them if you examine closely they include the name manjaro, probably because this is where they came from.  You can easily edit Continue reading

Artix grub and multiboot with arch and non-arch based systems

Did you just upgrade Manjaro and now your Artix will not boot, or vice-versa?

This is a peculiarity of grub in relation to Artix, and Manjaro, and I suspect all Arch based distros.  When Artix or Manjaro make grub entries for all other installations found on the system (other than those from the same family) they use the universal entry template for generic linux distros.  The entry they make for themselves is different and if it is not done this way they will throw the installation into “kernel panic” and this would be the last thing written on the screen before you pull the plug as no input will be recognized.  It is all on the format of the commandline that grub uses to start up the kernel.  [note: in the early days of Manjaro-OpenRC when I still had Manjaro-systemd still installed, they both made correct entries for each other.] Continue reading

Artix Manjaro BTRFS and volume management

Jorge de la Fuente

Hi, thanks for everything. I am comparing the installation in BTRFS of Manjaro Architec versus Artix and I see that Artix only creates 2 Subvolumes: “@” and “@home”, Architec creates 4 subvolumes: @, @cache, @home @snapshots this seems to have been implemented as a Improvement in Manjaro Architec, according to read here https://is.gd/5XsFGL can it be implemented in Artix?

I am definetely not an authority to speak on the issue, I have only tried BTRFS on a test installation and while I did not have any problems with it I read so many horror stories that I gave up and returned to ext4 safety.  I recently read that RedHat is giving up support for BTRFS and will no longer offer it.  One explanation I read was that if you use BTRFS and take snapshots of the system while you are testing to remove and escape from systemd people will start more and more attempting it.  I don’t know why anyone would run RH and try to escape systemd. Continue reading

Artix display managers and Openbox or LXDE

I am amazed how well Artix has been running and once you get comfortable it appears to be among the simplest to configure linux distributions.

Artix initially came with sddm as a display manager and LXQT as its default desktop, for those that need one.  To see how alternatives are able to work I tried lightdm which I am comfortable with for years.  It run very well but came with the same boring login screen that is the lightdm constant basic login screen.  It does what is needed simply and reliably.

Continue reading

Plasma on Artrix



    Can i install plasma in artix from artix-base-rolling-x86_64.iso?


I do not see why not, although I have not tried myself, but all plasma related packages are readily available to be installed.  Also there is a plethora of plasma packages on AUR as well and installation is just as simple as it was on Manjaro or Arch.

Please verify or report if you had any problems.