mr Edward Snowden, facebook and open/free code directed to linux users

This is going to be short, it is me not providing information but asking for it from the community.

Snowden has come out and spoken loudly on facebook, google, and other social media, of being up to no good against people using their free services.  I can’t find any reference on how exactly those mega corporations deal and cooperate with state agencies, or even whether state agencies relate to the foundation of such corporations.  If, and whether, some were founded specifically for the purpose of what they are accused of doing, by Snowden and many others who are less well known.More specifically, I would like to know, whether facebook, has it within their spectrum of enterprises, to produce open and free code, to contribute to the unix/linux/BSD communities of software creators.  Should I be more specific?  What crawled up facebook’s butt to take this precious in-house tool of compressing and uncompressing data, and threw it out in the open and free world?

Yes, it is about zstd again.  I may be paranoid, I was about speck, what a fine piece of software google undertook the role of shoving into the linux kernel.  You don’t just spend millions for a seat at  the board of The Foundation, without using some pull.  Then it was thrown out.  Now it is facebook throwing fastballs.  Why, all of a sudden, contrary to all that other code they are pushing down peoples’ throats, through the naive use of a browser with all incoming scripts allowed to run, above and beyond the browser, they offer free and open source software to the world?

And distros, left and right, they are buying into the latest thrown fastballs.  What is modern, is fast, it is flashy, we must have!  Fools!

Why, how, when, what?

You see now we are getting Oracle letting their puppy zfs pass out in the wild.  And this wild effort seems to have had zstd shoved deep in it.  Courtesy of some fine upstanding scientists working for the US government.  OpenZfs and open/free zstd.  And we thought systemd and elogind are problematic.  And ipv6, and xxxxUIDs all over the place, but we have encryption, what do we care.  Do you really trust encryption on a booby trap like zfs?

Should we go back to analogue shortwave communications, if any electronic communication is necessary?




Minor features (compression, zstd):

When running with zstd, Tor now considers using advanced functions that the zstd maintainers have labeled as potentially unstable. To prevent breakage, Tor will only use this functionality when the runtime version of the zstd library matches the version with which Tor was compiled. Closes ticket 25162.


From: freebsd forums

The point is there’s been a recent tendency to bloviate about security issues. People come here looking for a small bit of protection for their data — they’re not Edward Snowden trying to evade detection from world powers


From: Haschek’s

Encryption, obviously!
Not just since Snowden, we know that the only working solution for protecting data is encryption. Be it as transport encryption (SSH/HTTPS/Wireguard) or file encryption, the possible solutions are broad and the benefits great but what’s working great for your home computer and phone, has a large flaw for servers:


But none of those references really answer the question.  When the Greeks bring you a horse and leave it outside your gate, do you bring it in, because it is “free”?  Or do you inspect such a horse on its teeth and butt to see if it is safe?  Damn Greeks!

4 thoughts on “mr Edward Snowden, facebook and open/free code directed to linux users

  1. After the German government was burgled (probably by US state actors, but idk), Merkel decided to go back to using typewriters for official state business — at least for a while. That’s what I heard, but someone can correct me if I have bollixed the story.

    My point is that using shortwave might not be entirely uncalled for.


  2. Have you seen this video where people were having a meeting inside a bubble room where no radio/audio signals can escape, no measurable sounds or anything. But it had glass around it. One of the people in the meeting had a bag of chips on the table, and from recording the vibrations on the bag of chips they could make up every single sound in the room. All they need to do is point the laser recorder to a surface that vibrates with sound.

    Ok, they use a typewriter, within a room of people with smartphones, cameras, microphones, all networked back to Maryland 🙂

    How did human rights “trickled down” to this and how humans have been converted to lab-rats, I don’t know. It must have been the apathy of the 80s, and the post-communist 90s lithargic reactions, that allowed the sharks to eat the world up.


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