Why was Nutyx dropped from our lists


In our initial review of Nutyx, more than a year ago, we did not see a distro struggling for identity, we applauded their effort to make a linux system work without components of the pest (systemd, pulseaudio, gnome, wayland, etc.) but independently using the “stable” consolekit2, sysvinit as tried and refined for decades, and their very own tool for package management, cards.  Revisiting it now, after comments on our list of linux distributions without systemd, we were both disappointed and curious on why and how they did such a thing.  We have seen others go, but they were more like forks of a system than an independent distribution.  Like ArchBang, the fleadog of flea dogs.

First they struggled with consolekit2, which if they didn’t have the know how to make it work they could have taken a look from all those open-source projects that do make it work.  Then tried to use systemd outright for its use of logind, and failed to isolate for just that “feature”.  Then used elogind and libraries, as most of everyone else has, and they succeeded.  So they called consolekit2 obsolete and adopted elogind.  There is nothing “obsolete” about it, it is an alternative login management solution that has worked.  Just because it requires some packaging work for upstream packages directly oriented to systemd functionality and require some substitution and configuration, doesn’t make consolekit2 obsolete.  Proof that it is not, there are distributions still using it.

Elogind is the easy, lazy, submissive way out of the hustle of staying with ck2.

Then they realized they could have multiple init/service-management systems on top of their sysvinit. So they forked runit and called it runyx, I don’t see whether they actually changed anything other than the name, and then added the entire systemd. Their live iso still starts and boots with sysvinit, and on the installation all 3 of those systems can coexist, and then through modifications of grub you can boot either of those systems.  Not really, in all three sysvinit must be present to do stage1 work, the others come on top.  The entire beauty of runit or s6 is that they do a much better job, more efficiently, more reliably, than systemd or sysvinit.  So they skip this opportunity because it is harder to learn how to make runit work outright.   Basically this is the reason for renaming it, using it as a supervisor for service scripts from sysv. 

They have gone to the extreme to shoe horn elogind everywhere, it is mind boggling. Software that even on debian, or arch, and probably RHat’s own, don’t need elogind, on Nutyx now they will not start without it. What for? So some funky menus can work in a funky Nutyx/Miyo way. For example to start pcmanfm in openbox and be able to open it with user or root they have elogind. Pcmanfm will not run without it active.   This and probably more automated offensive abilities of mounting anything that can be mounted when you least expect it.  Like mushrooms, they pop up after the rain.

Nuts, no Nutyx.

It is as if everyone is trying to make Linux look like MSwin-10 and for every-user to be totally clueless of what the system is. Just automated menus and clicky things.  So someone who is clueless can open a filemanager as root and just remove intentionally or unintentionally parts of the system. Like if they are pointing at /usr and their stapler falls right on the delete button, …. there goes the system! Even some terminals are locked with elogind, because menus in Nutyx want you to pick if you want to open a user or a root terminal.  Oooohhh….  spooky … the root terminal is red ….  ooohhhh… you are a hacker now!

But they are using busybox, I guess to save space.

It takes 5-6GB for a minimal openbox installation without even a browser. Busybox was designed so you can shoehorn a minimal linux system into a micro-device, linux in a stick/chip, not for an Ubuntu type of system.  So force of habit, they used busybox early on and while their system has become overly complex and tangled, why change the one little thing that is working?  Not a coherent picture, that is the least offensive characterization I can find to use here.  This is like using a space-saver micro-wheel for a spare on a 70 passenger intercity bus.   Hello….!!!!

There is Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro, for people who don’t care about how the system runs. Why is everyone else trying to make their distro be like another Ubuntu or Windows10? There is very little left in linux that is sensible for people who either know, or are learning, or are trying really hard to learn. What is there to learn in Ubuntu, where menu items are hidden?  This marketing fever for “donation bucks” has driven many distros to become clones of IBM’s windows.  Because basically this is what those distros are now, IBM’s versions of Windows.

The problem I think is not what IBM/RH is producing while taking over linux, but what the overwhelming majority of distro designers are doing with the trojan horses IBM is pushing.  You can’t blame a multinational mega-corporation from trying to dominate and monopolize various markets, it is their nature to do so.  You can’t blame consulting giants to the largest governmental and private organizations, of pushing something overly complex down management’s throat, so they can continue to sell consulting and support services.  It is their bread and butter.  If they recommended runit a 19yo 1st year in a computer technical school can do enterprise IT management.  If they recommended s6 and it was setup right, it will probably run for a decade on its own.  But systemd requires a continuous support and maintenance contract and remote management gates.  $700/hr for someone to come in and run (rpm update rpm upgrade or apt, makes no difference, same crap!).

Enough about Nutyx, it is a disappointment and it is justifiably removed from our list of distributions that are consciously resisting the use of systemd.  This is no MX, this is encouraging to have Nutyx run with systemd.  We never reviewed MX here, because it is based on something healthy, AntiX.  So people learning can progress from MX to antiX.  We reviewed Nutyx because there used to be substance.  There is none left.

ZFS (0.87) has been forked into OpenZFS (2.0) with alternative licensing, systemd functionality has been incorporated into zfs (so it is going from file-system to the gui that shows you the weather forecast on a desktop panel) and facebook’s zstd (compression software) is also incorporated with specific functionality into this filesystem. The contributors for this invasion, 2 guys from livermore, a US government agency.  Well, maybe Oracle’s version was a healthier then.  So now it is moving into different licensing, Linus will reconsider and include it in the Kernel, and let us see how many will elect to disable it.  And if Linus accepts it, then for sure parted packages will include it in the basic list of filesystems you can use, and there we go.  We have yet another trojan horse all the way underneath the file system, created by facebook “just a little while ago”, on top of which encryption is to be trusted.  Why?  It is not as efficient in compressing and uncompressing (because it is multithreading on its own, while others have to be configured to do so) but it is fast!  No further questions asked.  If it is fast and it is new, we should use it.  So all monkeys get happy masturbating with a new toy.  (Sorry Artix  –  hiya Void boys and gals).

I don’t know, maybe it is just me, getting old and grouchy, but this is enough to blow your mind the more you wonder around and look at how choices are made. Instead of the list getting longer it is getting smaller.  Smaller and tighter.

I have had my oldest system (evolved from Debian 7) based on Antix/Debian sid/unstable. A Xorg bundle came through, and startx doesn’t work. I check for errors and it is not running X because dbus is not running. So I start dbus and PLOP it comes on. I kill dbus from terminal it stays up and everything I have and use is fully functional. But dbus is now a hard dependency. Not antix fault but debian’s. Ubuntu Wayland Gnome Plymouth crap runs fine, just don’t try to switch into a TTY, there are none! If your guy gets screwed then you are screwed, no way out.

Ref: https://nutyx.org/en/news

Changes in the heart of software.


NuTyX now offers its own RuNyX initialization system. RuNyX is a fork of the Gerrit Pape runit projet. We mainly added the missing components to make this boot system work properly in all situations.

We also decide to use our own directory scheme to be more consistent with the other init systems. See the documentation for more information.

sudo cards install runyx.man
man runit


Busybox is part of the core NuTyX system. This makes it possible to reduce the size of a basic NuTyX. The initrd is also considerably reduced.


At first we wanted to take advantage of systemd and use systemd for the logind daemon, it didn’t work. After several tests we were able to get elogind to work and completely replace the obsolete consolekit2 package.


The Eudev package is now the eudev part of the systemd project. It works on all 3 inits and on ISOs without problems.


Systemd ships with many modules by default. To keep NuTyX running and compatible as much as possible with the current version of NuTyX, some core modules have been disabled:

  • timed (ntp)
  • networkd (dhcpcd, networkmanager)
  • resolve (dhcpcd, networkmanager)
  • SysV compat (sysVinit)


Pathetic?  Not very encouraging.

2 thoughts on “Why was Nutyx dropped from our lists

  1. The case of Ataraxia, better called Ataxia, was worse.

    They first complained about being left out from the list while planning behind the scenes to patch things for putting systemd in.


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