Coming up next the new sysdfree resurrection

Just so when “some” were happy this is done and over with, POP goes the sysdfree community project again.  From now on, we will have a summary article of what is coming up next, and a series of articles discussing in detail the most worthy or note-worthy topics of interest.  Since  YOU haven’t been contributiong much to the community, it will be OUR topics of interest.

Why did we vanish for a little while?  After all this closure and prohibition to end the covid diaspora we have been burning some skinny road bike tires enjoying the end of spring and the starrt of a very HOT summer.  So now that it is getting hot, we will stay indoors again enough to write something up.  Yeeahhheee!!!! Or is it Yaaayyyy….!!!

1  Devuan:  Boring new stable release a year later  (you wanted an article .. go find one elsewhere).

2  Debian:  Script that runs and removes systemd and installs sysvinit and reboots to a systemd init free system.

3  Adelie (and Alpine) free and non-free independent repository

4  Black Artix, as if Artix wasn’t shady enough

5  Adequacy of traditions scripts (sysV or BSD inits) necessity of supervision suites (s6, 66, synit, minit, perp) or other alternatives such as OpenRC.

6  Split Linux, based on Void, security, anonymity, real firewalling, and more ….

7  Enough with supervising dry-cut monolythic services, the future is in modules (modular services and bundles of services).  If systemd was already burried and done with, this builds a pyramid on top, just so nobody will ever dear to open the mummy’s coffin.

8  Live streaming with Terry Barentsen on 2 wheels, no gas or dirty coal electric motors!

9  Kiss gets a new package manager

10  The shit (green energy environmental disaster) has to stop.  A documentary about the end of the planet’s ecosystem and who are the deceiving actors causing it.  It may be the most revealing 100′ of your life, or at least your recent world perception.

11  A song for our own resurrection:

            __________   –  “*”  –   __________

1  Devuan: a year after the new Debian stable was released, a new version of stable Devuan appears.  But no, this is too boring to write anything about Devuan.

2  We have a community member who has published his repository of a script of converting any Debian to a systemd free (sysvinit replacement) system.  The script delivers what it promises, from that point things may get a bit complicated.  To be fair to antiX doing all this work beyond that, it is not as simple of a task, as just replacing the init and running some service scripts.  But, since this is a community project and a member of the community is offering such work it will be honored.

3  Nearly two years after we first tried adelie, and after we had already had a luke-warm reaction to Alpine, we discover there is a 3rd party contributor to both, providing much of the software missing from both.  You simply add the repository and its keys and you have yourself a richer base for both Alpine and Adelie.  Both of the apk clones are compatible with this repository.  Since both use compatible versions of apk (not the same software) and both distributions are built on musl, a common independent repository works for both.

4  There is a new pen-testing distro out, using Artix as a base and Blackarch repositories.  Blackartix

5  The long awaited compiled article of the debate that took place here, between cynwulf1 and mobinmob about the need of the complexities of a supervisions suite instead of the adequacy of the known and tested simplicity of systemV init scripts, or BSD scripts.

6  Void, the base of the Trident project, now has a new child, Split linux   This is an amazing load of work.  It is like tails based on void.  Now combine what they have done, with trident’s zfs, s6 and 66 on top of a void base (glibc or musl, on a wide range of hw platforms) and there is enough here to last you a lifetime of linux experimentation.

7  Last but not least an introduction to supervision of services as modules, instead of dry concrete blocks of simple services.  What is a module?  Who needs them and how can they be an improvement?

8  Can you live stream HD video from a bicycle, independently, without a van of antenas and equipment running right behind you?  If you like cycling and audio-visual gadgetry this guy is breaking new ground.  Have you seen those huge tv vans, with external huge antennas and stabilization legs for the van to live stream a journalist’s presence in the middle of a news worthy site?  This guy beats them in quality while he is cycling through downtown NYC highrises.  This is the setup of the bicycle tv station

To prove this is live and not a replay of a video, Terry, has a smart phone placed on his handle bar and while riding reads chat comments ( and responds to some of them.

Hats (not red) off for mr Terry Barentsen and his gadgetry.  Now can he do all of this with linux?  Probably, better.  We are told the proprietary non-free non-open software in doing audio/video HQ editing is unsurpassed, but checking on open-source video editing sw reveals a large gamma to select from.

9 Kiss linux 1.0 release and new package manager

10  Michael Moore has done it again, only this time it is not just the “moral right” that is getting nervous of having their show uncovered, this is the “movement’s” left industrial fallacy and mythology that is crumbling down.  U-tube for a while attempted to remove this Open Source free documentary by Michael Moore as there were too many “industrial interests” that were offended and it is this time the “left’s” alliance with this profitable industrial complex that is threatened.  Rolling Stone Magazine seems to have stepped in and saved the controversy interviewing Michael Moore on the possible reasons U-tube (G-l-oogle L for lying) took down the video.  If there is anything worthy of watching during humanity’s history of the past 20-30 years, this is it.  The Question is whether humanity has a future.


Each of the items above may, or may not, deserve a separate and more analytical article and it will be released in the next few days.  So, don’t go away, stick around!




5 thoughts on “Coming up next the new sysdfree resurrection

  1. The UTube video, has been moved to Atlanta (404).
    Not surprisingly, Google deleted >50.000.000 videos recently.
    If some video is worth watching, I think it’s a good idea, grabbing it (while you can) and repost it to Tor and Freenet.


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  3. Giorgare!
    The video is there

    Michael Moore as he says in his own interview by Rolling Stone journalists, he could have provided a dedicated server or chosen a different place once You Tube took it down, but he chose to debate that under their policy there was no reason for them to take it down, their reason of a few seconds of a video clip was unsubstantiated, and he believed there were ulterior political and economic motives for taking down, not the reason they used. By the time the interview aired on youtube and RollingStone site, the original video unedited was up again, as Google realized they had more to loose from negative publicity than keep it up and face the war of the powerful industry.

    So, even if we had the capacity to publish a video of such magnitude in our own paid and set servers we still would respect Michael Moore’s wishes to have a single source for the work instead of variable sources trying to gain from the publicity. Remember there is no such thing as bad publicity, publicity for somebody without corporate/banking/industrial backing can only be good!


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