firefox-esr and Arch-Linux, masters of disasters – Mozilla Inc.

_package() {
pkgdesc=”$2 language pack for Firefox ESR”
install -Dm644 firefox-esr-i18n-$pkgver-$1.xpi \

The above is a piece off of a late language pack for Firefox-ESR PKGBUILT

For whatever reasons Arch dropped official support for firefox-esr (mozilla’s development seems to have a growing crowd of rejecting their trending prostitution to corporate preferences, more people tend to go back to -esr versions, and Arch caters to all BIG CORPORATE preferences and tastes), but it is not our business what they do with their repositories.

Automatically, it seems, “someone” (DCT MEI and Manuel Kauschinger ), adopted those packages in AUR and as you may know each firefox product comes with a zillion language packs.  Only the binary package in AUR is called firefox-esr-bin, the dependency of each language pack is for firefox-esr, which doesn’t exist in community or aur.  You can force install it (-dd) or you can edit the pkgbuilt and edit the line above “depends=(“firefox-esr-bin”>$pkgver”) and then build it.

Like shepherds’ dogs, the big linux distributions, act as puppets of large multinational corporations to push crowds to their nets and traps.  This is the growing fate of open/free software, it is used as a shepherd’s  dog in the service of BIG corporations.  Mozilla is among the largest whorehouses for connections between corporate globalism and linux.

Were you a user of Mozilla’s mail software, thunderbird?  Years ago in order to spy into you mail they added this calendar convenience that reached their servers to keep synchronized.  Many people discovered the security “bug” and would disable this crap and restart TB.  Later they went out of their way to rewrite their whole code so tor-birdy couldn’t isolate TB from clearnet.  Seeing this, the people who made tor-birdy gave up on this wild goose chase with mozilla and stopped making birdy.  You could still add your own proxy on TB but good luck in trying to find out what it is leaking.  This only affects your connection with the mail server of choice, to receive and send mail.  Do you remember when you clicked a link inside mail TB would open up a browser tab within TB?  That tab also went through your proxy, so NO GOOD,  TB dropped that ability so now you have to start a separate browser session to see a link.  NO GOOD either, as smart people would just copy the link and paste it into a browser, and TB missed the clicking action and relating the link to the email, sender, receiver, and content.  So a new “feature” appears now, ANY LINK inside text email comes to you ready with a mini “preview” window displaying the content of the link!  Is it using proxy to do so?  No it doesn’t, it is jumping out to clearnet as the rest of the mozilla crap passed to you as “secure” software.  Secure from whom, and by whom?  Why would Mozilla PUSH this “feature” (as systemd people call every single security bug found on their absolute shit of a system) and force connections that you haven’t chosen to make?  Just because someone sends you a link for some idiotic facebook page, or some retarded google link, you are being forced by mozilla to make those connections before you even get to glance on the crap someone sent you (which includes spam – wordpress does the same with links on spam comments placed on your blog, just hovering over the links has a multimedia mini page appear above it – JUST THINK, of someone sending a “unique” spam comment with a link to a unique junk page – just you! and wordpress is passing information to that server who the editor is!!!!   I can sit here all day and talk about this crap but I am trying to avoid developing an ulcer.

Those are the kinds of “agents” Arch is catering to and making choices based on clear instructions by the “agents”.

Facebook’s mediocre package compression, google/NSA’s cryptography in the kernel, Mozilla’s spyware of the latest edition, and 10% safer esr editions thrown out to AUR when 99.99% of Arch devs and packagers tell you to avoid such packages that cause breakage of their system.

Sometimes Windows7 looks better, at least you pay for their spyware and take it for granted that you have an open window to any government and corporate agency interested in your data.  With some linux, like RH, Debian, Ubu…, Arch, Manjaro, there is a huge number of people who think they have a “safe” system.  They have SHIT!!!  A dumb VT100 terminal to a state agency is what they have.

Edit May 1 2020:  testing/icu breaks every single terminal program (who knows what else) there is in the arch repositories, even the usually immune rxvt was broken.  This why they have the staging repository for, so developers and packagers can take immediate action, but testing software should not break developers’ number 1 tool, the terminal.

Package (1) Old Version New Version Net Change

testing/icu 65.1-3 67.1-1 0.48 MiB

Furthermore, the new version of thunderbird will only run with icu 67.1.  So you must downgrade to run terminal, upgrade to run TB, downgrade again so you can start a new terminal session   🙂   Like XBPS-Juan says, FUCK YOU MORONS!!!

4 thoughts on “firefox-esr and Arch-Linux, masters of disasters – Mozilla Inc.

  1. That’s why i would like to be independent with Obarun, for this kind of crappy decisions. Living Arch should be really great and avoids to have shit like this. The only good things on arch is pacman (for the moment).


  2. They seem like they are sliding down a long hill, going from bad to worse, aren’t they.
    I agree with pacman, it is the only good reason to use this distro, if one can remove its zstd hooks 🙂


  3. Its amazing how many “pro freedom”/opensource/linux people that claim to support FREEDOM
    while bending over to DRM and corporations

    Often I see Nvidia intergreation for drivers, yet they refuse to do the same for AMD/Ryzen/RX cards

    while claiming they are the basion of freedom
    which pre including
    Default Firefox
    Default Chrome
    Supporting SystemD
    and various anti consumer/anti freedom programs/platforms/products

    I did notice a lot of linux podcasts and content creators are now bending over to promote Linode
    which supports “diversity” (Discrination), instead of Digital Ocean or Vultr

    Its annoying that they claim to be “morally” good
    yet refuse to support
    – Waterfox/Palemoon/Librefox
    or iridium browser over default chrome –

    Ive looked into things like Trisquel , but they goto the too extreme , blocking truckloads and making the OS unpractical

    Currently using Mx Linux with Waterfox Classic on Ryzen 3500X
    I’m over Intel (ISRAEL inside)


  4. In a way big distributions like Arch and Debian are rationally choosing “what they get paid” to advance and promote. It is the smaller ones that it is out of fashion and pretend to be like the large ones that adopt multinational corporate crap because those choices make them more legitimate. I’d call this a monkey logic.

    NVIDIA/AMD: If you look around linux forums and remove all threads that relate to nvidia, more than half of the bugs/problems (severe if you get a black screen for X-server) have gone away. Everything else is the other half. I once read some spec sheets comparing older newer processors, and everything post core2Duo it begun to be scary. The intel chips seem to be carrying a whole operating system inside of them before your system is layered on top of it. So it is like running a virtual “free/open” system on top of a scary closed source OS. True, AMD has less of it, but it is not innocent either. Those processors today have even biometric identification capabilities and their own “networking” abilities. Up to Intel 8xxx things seemed shane. I have an Amd Phenom4, despite of its low spec speed and stuff, I think only compiling and game playing shows its age. For other uses it is as good as the latest. Ram use is 20-30% less than Intel machines to just boot and idle. Why so much difference? But then things get much much worse with those ARM devices. Still there is no promise of an open/free HW solution available in the horizon. Not enough of us can get their shit/priorities together to commit in buying such HW if and when it can be designed and produced. I think the designs are out there from some Univ. projects but the volume to produce them make them so expensive that are untouchable (or a luxury for the few).

    Palemoon for 2 years now has a warning when manually adding NoScript as a “dangerous addon that breaks pages” (look here for 3-4 articles on the issue). Waterfox sold out to a multinational with labs in SanDiego, corporate offices in London. Split the browser into current and “classic”. On the recent releases it states that “some security patches from mozilla were applied on classic”, meaning that if you want all current mozilla security patches you should abandon “classic” for the current version.
    On current version (3-5) NoScript and Ublock-Origin can ONLY function within the “private browser windows”. They are disabled by design on normal browser windows.

    I had an article with some links here about secure/private browsers comparison (a few months ago when the waterfox sale took place – announced on February but done 2 months earlier). Libre/ice-mozilla forks seems to be better if you don’t want top of the line functionality for all commercial sites and social media.
    Brave is interesting, some people seem to fall and trust them due to their anti-google marketing plot. I am testing/using it (brave-nightly) and 1st thing to note is that it gets updates 2-3 times in 2 days. Some hours apart from each other. To work so hard and compile so often there must be a serious team with some serious resources out there. ??Funding?? 2nd thing I noticed is that it refuses to run in firejail or other containers, it demands to run directly on metal. 3rd thing is that if you boot one system, chroot and mount everything correctly on an other system (/dev /proc …) and try to run brave, IT DOES NOT RUN. When it runs free inside the booted system it throws a ton of errors about dbus not running (I try not to run this crap unless I really have to) but it is fully functional. It will not run a printer as expected, but all other functionality is there. SO WHY is it that it needs dbus, elogind,consolekit, or such if it is fully functional otherwise? I can’t say 🙂 For browsing through major media/news video sites without ever logging on into web-accounts of any sort … it is good enough.

    We get thrown so many fast balls and we only have 2 hands and one bat. The intensity and eagerness to promote snitches throughout free and open software, that for the majority are “acceptable”, should tell us something alone. 1 that some of linux is creating a difficulty they are trying to bypass, 2 they can’t tolerate security/privacy of any form beyond what “they sell” as security/privacy (pay for VPN/cloud etc. with an identifiable banking account).

    Now, we have 2 types of idiots within the Open/Free software community. 1 Trusts corporations to protect them from government. 2 Trust government (legal/rights/bullshit) to protect them from corporations.
    I am the 3 type of idiot, trust neither one as they are one and the same. Now if the zapatistas offered an OS and a VPN service, I’d have to admit I’d trust them.

    Fungalnet is still here …


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