Were you about to install Obarun? Wait!!

There are new images available for March 2020

Links to March 2020 iso and docker images at the bottom of this message.

Both live images are capable of installing base, openbox, jwm, xfce4, or KDE-plasma, featuring the late 66 evolution and the latest s6 suite of software.

66 0.2.5 features an additional modifier to the 66-tree functionality -S. With this option a bundle of services under a specific tree that is enabled will only start after another tree of services. (read https://wiki.obarun.org/doku.php?id=66-tree)

On editions if the same tree is listed in -S option this would be the first tree (of services) to start after boot is complete.

For an introduction to 66 service management see: https://wiki.obarun.org/doku.php?id=66intro

New version of Obarun software are available. * oblibs-

– 66-tree -S options: if after_tree and tree have the same name, tree is considered as the very first tree to start.

– 66-unmountall: do not umount SS_LIVE (A.K.A live directory).

– Add SIGPWR control file at creation of .s6-svscan directory Bug reports welcome.

— eric vidal

March 2020 live images:

This is needed to log onto obarun ISO

  • root login : root
  • root password : toor
  • user login : oblive
  • user password : toor

If you want to change the keyboard on X session, open a terminal and type :

$ setxkbmap fr

Replace fr with your choice

If you want to change the keyboard on console type :

# loadkeys fr

Replace fr with your choice


Latest Release
  • Included 66
Base no-X live image (less than 600MB)




JWM flavour (less than 1GB)

Checksums: md5sums.txt


Docker image

A Docker image is available on Docker Hub. You can run the image with the following command:

docker run -it obarun/base

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