8 thoughts on “List of Linux only systems without systemd (replaced)

  1. Thank you @anticapitalista
    My mistake, I released the list before I finished working on it. It should be ok now. It had a scheduled publication date since I thought I needed a couple more days to finish it and review it, but time running short always allowed it to be published before I worked on it.


  2. My eyes look like 40 debian logos plastered on top of each other from editing the long list of all open systems without systemd. I’m going down the list updating information, removing abandoned terminated projects, and there were a few. You should go down the list https://sysdfree.wordpress.com/135 and look for olean as an example of what I did. I gave up on the slackware list, to be continued.

    Elive … would be nice to be added again, but for now it got the boot. If they really wanted and couldn’t figure it out there are plenty of places they could have looked for help, if you know what I mean. Even on the poppy list I found simplicity linux, based on busterdog/debiandog who admit they followed the antiX way.

    Archbang used to have good following, then he got tired of it, then came back, used artix/openrc for an easy way out, then made some isos with just arch/systemd and then vanished again. Still ranking pretty high on DW because of the name, but other than a funky openbox setup there is nothing there. But people call many such retouch of a distribution a distribution, and they simply don’t deserve it. Some deserve more and don’t even call themselves distributions. I am looking at spark linux now, it is based on arch, it comes with the old fashioned tar ball without much fluff. It is using sinit, which I don’t know of a 2nd example of a functional system with it.
    As I finish this line I am rebooting to spark 🙂

    It is hard to look down this list and not get carried away. What I liked in Spark is its selling point: “don’t expect any support here, you are on your own”.


  3. Which reminds a bit of the warning at the door of Hell, according to Dante Alighieri: “Lasciate ogni esperanza voi che entrate” (Leave here all hope, thee who enter.) 😉


  4. Nikos Kazantzakis (who was excommunicated by the Orthodox X-ian church) said:

    I am not afraid
    I do not hope
    I am free

    My interpretation is that he meant that freedom is impossible, or an illusion. Humans can’t survive without fear and hope. It is the dialectic of the thanatos instinct.
    My belief is that freedom is a social product of equality, true equality not economic equality (which logically is expected through political equality). The best way to handle social equality is through equal participation of an autonomous community (no higher power than the community’s decision instrument – the assembly). It is the most freedom we can enjoy without negatively impacting on someone else’s freedom.

    The ultimate individual freedom is only possible through neoliberalism/capitalism. The more you have (wealth and power) the more free you are. So we enjoy relative slavery of those who are truly and abusively free.


  5. I can’t get into everything, from time to time when there is time, I try a new system. If I feel it is worthwhile, I write a review and maybe some additional instructions to help install and configure that I felt were missing, like in the case of Spark.

    I encourage other people that have discovered something interesting to write a review and I will post it here. There had been a time between last summer and past fall that 2-3 systems I tried I thought they were either crap or just copy/paste of another system with some fancy graphical changes. I didn’t bother writing anything.

    If a system has systemd in it, it is not coming here, no matter how good the review is. This is a place for people who make the conscious decision to avoid it. This is not scientific “pluralistic” of distrowatch, whoever pays is in!. Or am I wrong that science in the past 50y has turned into such carnival? Look up a video clip of the scene “This is Sparta”, this is what we will do when IBM and other corporations may offer money to be here.

    Not very diplomatic minded.


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