Did you think Void was more democratic than r/linux or r/ArchLinux ?

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11 thoughts on “Did you think Void was more democratic than r/linux or r/ArchLinux ?

  1. It is Void’s subreddit. You have no power there. You talked with people who were more reasonable than you and are way less confrontational. Change is a constant. Learn to live with it and you may stress yourself less. You admitted it yourself that you’re confrontational and you practically wished for some people’s systems to crash and burn. It’s on you ‘pal’. You are not blameless, nor is Reddit EVER a democracy. You’re a laughingstock if you feel you’re trying to be the all-encompassing voice for non-systemd systems.


  2. From the link of the thread above you can deduce all this? I think you didn’t even read it. I think what is most obnoxious from the interaction is to reply to someone you are going to ban, not allowing them the chance to respond. I should also emphasize the detail that banning someone on reddit doesn’t appear to other readers, it is only known to the own banning and to the one being banned.

    Earlier, previous days, someone called me retarded, among the crowd of void fans, but that is an excused behavior.

    Here is a piece off of Void’s github. Not only upstream pressure doesn’t exist (with the exception of Gnome) to enforce elogind, they are inducing the need for elogind where it doesn’t exist. This is what it is about.

    I shall remain unreasonable!

    Gottox added 12 commits Aug 2, 2019
    lightdm: remove ConsoleKit2 and upower as a dependency, detected at r…
    lxdm: disable consolekit support
    lxde: remove ConsoleKit dependency
    lxqt: replace ConsoleKit2 with elogind
    polkit: add polkit support, merge polkit-elogind back
    mate-session-manager: add elogind support
    mate: remove ConsoleKit2
    xfce4: remove ConsoleKit2
    gnome-session: go back to polkit now that it uses the elogind backend
    mate-screensaver: use elogind in pam config
    slim: support elogind session tracking
    accountsservice: add optional elogind support, default on
    @Gottox Gottox force-pushed the Gottox:rm-console-kit branch from fccf267 to e75d0a3 Aug 4, 2019
    @Gottox Gottox marked this pull request as ready for review Aug 4, 2019


  3. @Krvasona

    I’m not flying to defend fungalnet (1st, because he’s quite able to defend himself, 2nd because I don’t know him personally, 3rd, because nobody here is a fanboy of anything or anyone). I’ll speak in my name and from who I am (the person whom I know best.)

    I also am a Void user. And whereas I am very happy with the quality of this distro, I am getting a bit concerned by what I read from you (even if I suspect you have no more legitimacy to speak on behalf of Void than fungalnet to be, according to you, “the all-encompassing voice for non-systemd systems”).

    “Change is constant.” Wow, some tao-ish bullshitting! You’re out of luck here: I’ve read Lao-tzu, Lie-tzu and Tchuang-tzu. And, precisely, there is a strong consensus to reckon that the “Lao-tzu” (aka the “Dao-De-Jing”) is an apocrypha that was written in a “legalist” (Fajia) spirit — ie to justify immoral practices of power via ignominic distribution of punishments.

    Besides, if change be “constant”, one can say the same about confrontation. Where there is no possibility to confront ideas, then starts ad hominem violence. It’s the difference between diplomatics and trenches. We should have some remembrances of this in Europe.

    In a well-known process of projection end reversed accusation, YOU are making this personal. It’s not about fungalnet. It’s not about reddit being a democracy or not — who cares about reddit? (Just weird there is no proper forum place for Void, as ANY other distro has.)

    It’s about WHO decides (instead of the user) what system runs on his/her computer, and HOW this is decided, and how the user is WARNED that those (constant/fatal?) “changes” will occur.

    If that’s not a concern for Void developers or “head” (whether individual or collective), what’s the point of running Void instead of Canonical or Apple(tm) crapware?


  4. Back when Juan disappeared, I began to worry as I was using Void as a work system. When I asked about his whereabouts, and if he was okay because I like to think I’m a decent human being, I was personally attacked and told to mind my own business.

    I’ve not been a fan of Void since.


  5. Soon later they lost the forum and none seem to worry about maintaining the content as a reference, because a community member forum/owner was asking for support for the cost of the server.

    I wonder how the two puzzling behaviors connected. Maybe all those statements by leading void team members on the forum could be held as commitments by void that this “new void” didn’t want to live up to. They definitely seem to have made a turn for a more commercial popular void from a void of substance. It will be missed, the void from the past.


  6. @fungalnet

    I actually tried to contact that person and ask what needed to be donated; also, I tried to donate funds to the dev team so that they could pay for their own forums; nobody was interested and I couldn’t afford the time to administer the forums, though I could throw some money that way.


  7. I am glad I am not alone in seeing this. There was certainly something being covered up there, between xtreame’s disappearance, the forum vanishing, and xtreame’s reappearance like nothing had happened, and a few major devs departing in between. The forum’s deletion from public eye was to disengage various void commitments stated by devs of the things that they will never do and eventually did, the rest is just excuses.

    Lately it has become more of a mess to untangle and upgrade than arch-testing, and every other time you try to upgrade (past 3 months) it asks for manually reinstalling xbps before an upgrade can continue. A 5′ routine has turned into half an hour of fiddling and reading what the hell is going on. So this is not the void we use to know, a turn key low maintenance and admin.work system. This is a hacker’s system now. They might as well just release a minimal/base system for installation and discontinue their desktop flavorings. If you can’t install and configure X and a desktop on your own chances are that within weeks the system will break due to incomplete upgrades.

    Neither the guy who was in charge of the forum was responding to offer for help nor did the void team offer to support it or take it over. They could have at least provided some server space and support the forum software so it wouldn’t create an additional expense. They sure don’t seem to be lacking any such infrastructure.

    It is the same reaction I had to Devuan, once the trust relationship is broken there is no going back. To have untrustworthy people furnishing software into your machine daily is not a wise thing to do.


  8. I don’t know much about the specific so I asked a member of our community to comment on it and basically I am translating the content:

    libressl breals abi (in the PR they mention every 6mos, which means rebuilding all pkg depending on it).
    They haven’t activated the entire api of openssl 1.1, which means a lot of patch work to build large programs such as QT.
    It seems as the problem is related to the Alpine’s move to openssl, so there is only void and openbsd that patch things up for smaller distributions to utilize. If void is gone too, there will only be OpenBSD, and they may switch to openssl as well.

    “The security issues are interesting, but by how far secure and insecure each one can be, is hard to say.”
    The necessary patches to utilize libressl in many programs should also be questioned in terms of security.

    libressl doesn’t have asm optimisations for anything else other than x86_64. Openssl provides this for all the distributions that support many architectures, void, alpine, antix/debian.. etc.

    Now, the above was the technical feedback I got, the way I see it is that void has turned to be part of mainstream linux and not some “different other distribution”. So everytime one of the systemd based major distros turn abruptly on a corner void turns too. In my view that can easily be the wrong one way path to follow and then it gets too late to turn around. Void devs have their face to salvage so they will support an earlier bad decision even if it kills them.

    Then there is the issue that there is major polarization about various things in void. It seems as the return of xtreame juan, has split the group in many axis. I see a split coming, if they can carry it, and one may be libressl and the other openssl, who knows. 🙂


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