Obarun 2020-02 Release -Minimal and JWM

Both capable of installing base, openbox, JWM, xfce4, or KDE-plasma and featuring the late 66 evolution and pacman 5.2.1-6 https://web.obarun.org/index.php?id=127 featuring a modified testing repository structure (stable is unaffected).

66 0.2.5 features an additional modifier to the 66-tree functionality -S. With this option a bundle of services under a specific tree that is enabled will only start after another tree of services. (read https://wiki.obarun.org/doku.php?id=66-tree)

For an introduction to 66 service management see: https://wiki.obarun.org/doku.php?id=66intro

February 2020 live images:

Minimal flavour

Checksums: md5sums.txt


JWM flavour

Checksums: md5sums.txt



When this announcement was posted at reddit.com/r/linux it was immediately downvoted so it doesn’t appear to the top of the list of the default view.  This was done by another Obarun user, since I have been banned from talking about obarun, s6, or 66 at r/linux and r/archlinux.  So the bot in effect of the “undesirables” for “r/linux” and r/archlinux” is in effect for a term in content or title containing “Obarun”.  It is not on a user.  The post now shows no voting score and this was not done by the user.




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