How does systemd prevail if it is so crappy?

Is reddit’s r/linux just a front of IBM’s marketing agents?  Under what remote logic would an announcement for a 5 year old distribution be removed and how could it possibly violate r/linux strict code of ethics?

Obarun: New for December …. upgraded yes, new not at all.
Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/linux.
Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose

Those are the same tactics utilized across news-sites that appear to be “objectively” promoting linux in general, forums of systemd-only distributions, social media rooms and pages. The idea is to portray linux to new users inquiring about linux while on MSwindows, MACos, Android etc. as a systemd related operating system ONLY.

Any alternative is neglected as a DIY clunky dysfunctional modification of the “original” systemd-linux.  In such environments trying to sneak a comment in, referring to alternatives, mentioning of doing things otherwise is met by fierce moderation and attacks, if not simply by removal of the user who attempts it.

Reacting to an attack is used as a basis for removal.  It is like someone keep banging you on your head and when you finally get fed up and react, then you are removed for not being civil.  Any “but … ” excuses are returned, it doesn’t matter what others do, it matters what “you did” and they really mean it.

Before you read a news story relating to linux next time, run a search on that site and see how many hits you get for sysvinit, openrc, runit, s6, etc.  If you get none, you know on whose site you are on, who pays and controls all the morons that portray themselves as experts feeding you “technical news”.  Corporate tactics in open and free software?  Tell this to the pacifists/hippies at GNU, on what basis were free and open software competing against mega-corporations.  Linux-libre?   What a joke, what have those flowerchildren been smoking to expect such trees to grow and produce fruit?

Moral of the story:  Slowly and gradually linux will have a 100% mega-corporate look to it, it may still be open and “somehow free” but it will be the sole product of mega-corporations such as IBM, MS, Google, “Mozilla”, Facebook, Oracle, HP, etc.!!  “yes, but Linus Trovalds is independent” ….. independent how?  On whose salary is he independent?  Who pays his primary salary (and many of his top co-workers)?  Mega-corporations donating specifically through the foundation that all hold board seats.

So when r/linux says “true to their purpose” what exactly do they mean?  On whose payroll are those thugs on?  You think bullying stops after high-school?  Bullying is alive and well wherever authoritarian hierarchical social organization exists.  The alternatives are two:  Submit to power and obey, struggle and pay the consequences of struggling against power.  When that day comes, when you finally close your eyes for the final time, which path through life do you believe was the most psychologically rewarding?  Being a worm in a compost pile or flying away like an eagle?  You decide!


12-21 18:14 – ‘Obarun: New for December …. upgraded yes, new not at all.’ (self.obarun) by /u/fungalnet removed from /r/linux within 1193-1203min


You want more proof?  Download Obarun live image and do an installation, when you finish if something doesn’t work PLEASE report it here and I WILL PUBLISH IT … no matter how bad it is, no matter how negative it makes Obarun look, and remember this is a distribution based on Arch, which only offers systemd as an init.  Obarun craves criticism and bug-reporting.  I, myself, is known in the Obarun community as striving to find this remote weird glitch where something will fail in Obarun and despite of how silly it may be it still gets addressed and a solution is provided.  I am the worst kind of troll Obarun has ever had on its forum.

Truth is that I don’t give a damn about arch, I like s6 and 66, and Obarun is living proof that even with a distribution so committed and dedicated to systemd s6/66 is a functional alternative.  Using s6/66 on void, on antiX, on Adelie, on Alpine, on Kiss-Linux, is nowhere as rewarding as using s6/66 over debian, arch, manjaro, ubuntu, mint, …. ok…  I have not gone as far as fedora or rhel …  there have to be limits to one’s protection from a severe allergy attack.

After you boot Obarun and play with it, trying to make it crash and stretch its limits like no other, then go read Distrowatch’s review on Obarun.  When Obarun was first listed on Distrowatch it had to pay for an advertisement, otherwise it was left on a waiting list.  I guess it didn’t continue to pay or pay enough.  How else would someone explain it?


Feb 10 2020  Edit:  As I “fungalnet” was banned from r/linux and r/archlinux almost simultaneously someone else at Obarun undertook the task of announcing it there.  Within a minute of posting the announcement at r/linux the post was downvoted.   By the time screenshot was up to take a pic 3′ had passed.  So maybe the bot is acting on Obarun as a keyword not as in per user downvoting.  This has the effect that when someone opens up the default the post will be down the list so it is least likely seen.  So the problem is not with a user but with a distribution, that they prefer that it goes unnoticed!

Obarun 02-2020 on reddit r/linux



5 thoughts on “How does systemd prevail if it is so crappy?

  1. Your post doesn’t really say much, it is promoting a couple of links, which I will not bite the bait and follow. What is your point and what do you mean by scrub?


  2. Okay, don’t click the links. Surely someone else will come along and read this & will recognize the igurublog URL and will confirm that all the blog posts there which had contained anti-systemd, anti-RedHat, anti-gnome3 dissertations (?) have been taken down.


  3. There are three missing blog entries I can see immediately:

    These seem to be the three most recent. Other entries such as the one on “openwashing” are still up.

    Before crying censorship, it’s probably best to try and establish the facts – it’s possible the author deleted them.


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