The new installer is here – along with new live images Obarun 11/2019

Obarun Install 2.0.2Other than the usual refinements on the 66 service management system, Obarun has radically revised the installer.  It is no longer mandatory to do partition work and mounting before you run the installer, it can be arranged from within the installer.  You can choose between EFI or bios booting, between grub and syslinux bootloader, the Desktop flavor (JWM, openbox, xfce4, KDE-plasma, or minimal no X), use arch-mirrorlist ranking for the fastest mirrors to your site, customize the installation if you want to add or not install packages (obarun, arch, and AUR).

The installer runs equally whether you are on the base live image or on  JWM  by running $ sudo obarun-install at a terminal or console.   If it asks you whether you want to upgrade you should always say yes for both the installer and the installation themes.  If there are available updates after the themes’ updates it will have to terminate and restart for the updates to be effective.  See also the official video of the installer in action.

The previous option for a quick install of the live contents doesn’t exist anymore but one can use the simple mounting of a new partition to /mnt and then issue the command from console $ sudo cp -ax / /mnt , then you would have to chroot and fix things, and you if you mind using oblive as user you would have to change that too, by manually editing /etc/passwd /etc/group /etc/gshadow /etc/shadow and replace oblive with your username, as well as rename /home/oblive to /home/yourusername  …, don’t forget to install/reinstall a kernel and make a bootloader entry as necessary and write a new /etc/fstab.  I wouldn’t recommend this method, but if you are stuck without network access or a really slow network, this will provide a permanently installed system that you can work on right away.

For any help with managing s6/66 there is a wiki entry for the introduction to 66  For everything else see the forum or irc:  Channel : #obarun

Obarun official iso and docker images for November 2019

And here is a screenshot (low resolution but you get the idea) of what the Obarun – JWM desktop looks like, because it is like a full desktop not just a minimal window manager.  JWM Obarun Iso Live desktop

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