What is so new about Obarun that makes May’s edition obsolete?

There are several new things about Obarun that make the last batch of isos seem like they came from a different distribution.  But it has been emphasized by its founder that Obarun is not a distribution but a modification of an arch-linux installation.  I don’t for how long would this description be accurate, Obarun now looks like its on its way of become a complete and independent distribution, still based on Arch-Linux.

  1.   For those who just want new isos to try (Jwm and base — and soon there will be a plasma iso as well)  but I highly recommend you read the rest of this article.
  • New live images available  Download images here
  • A Docker image is available on Docker Hub. You can run the image with the following command:  docker run -it obarun/base
  • The obarun-install program included on all isos now installs base, OpenBox,  JWM,  Xfce4,   and  Kde-Plasma.  The last two utilize consolekit and sddm already set-up and ready 1st boot to do work.

2.    The 66 software, new as of Spring of 2019, that handles s6 init and supervision, has been revised in many subtle ways.  It has been so revised that manual intervention was needed by current users to reboot under 66 v0.2.  The 66-0.2.xx replaced the original 66-0.1xx early July in testing mode and became stable as of August 10th 2019.  Other than new tools being incorporated to meet the most stringent needs of administrators of complex servers, parts of 66 subprograms were revised.  They weren’t revised due to bugs found as is expected in new software, but to make the system perform even better, faster, lighter.  Documentation for the entire suite of 66 software can be found on this link and now it is also available with the common unix man command.

3.    Pacman also received some revisions:

  • a – will be the new structure of repositories incorporating the all new obcommunity and obmultilib repository for 32bit software. Obarun’s repository structure  (this makes 5 obarun repositories on top of the 3 arch repositories excluding the -testing branch for each one of the 5)
  • b – obnews has evolved to more than just a text announcement coming during updates but it will be hooked by pacman as a dependent pkg, and will run independently as a script ($obnews.sh) with a variety of options so it allows users to display previous technical bulletins. obnews

4.    obarun source code repositories (framagit):

  • With all the new repositories now utilized with obarun, a more structured git environment was needed. The source code and pkgbuilt information is now on framagit and each separated for each of the 5 repositories.


5.    If you like to build any and all Obarun software from source and you are wondering in what environment should they be built to be replicated you should read part-4 of Obarun’s announcement.  In summary the Obarun Docker image used for building all software is available for anyone to download and use on their own.


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