Forums and social media without politics – Are they political?

Is this blog about Open Free software without the plague of systemd, or is it about politics?  Let us see, do we want a public forum without politics?  Other than specific political communities, what does it really mean to communicate in public but stripped of the right to political expression?

Politics is something that describes ideas, positions, rules, and tendencies of social relations.  Social relations are formed generally about “things we have in common”.  All social relations are political in nature, whether you have an implanted aversion to politics or not, all social relations are formulating politics.  You take a hypothetical empty planet, capable of sustaining human and other life, and place two humans on it.  They would have to “share” resources to survive.  The discussion, friction, conflict, and established balance on how to share those resources can be summarized as politics.  Whether it is two or two billion it does not change the fact that their relationships is what we cal politics.  If one kills the other there will no longer be politics, till another human touches down on this hypothetical planet.  Can humans coexist without politics?  Only if they never meet.  It is so absurd to consider such a thing that I hope that I don’t have to debate with someone on the grounds of such an absurd notion.  So where does this fashionable aversion to politics being discussed in public come from?

“Easy for you to say, but in this new world (generation X reality),  the World Wide Web, this is becoming the norm!  Politics can only be discussed in specific isolated environments described as political forums.  It is for those who like politics and debate and they should leave us alone to our OTHER interests.  Like giggling about a video clip of a cat playing soccer with an egg, or altering and photochopping a picture involving a popular media persona.  NO POLITICS HERE!”

So here I am participating innocently in my bicycling forum, discussing technical matters of bicycle building, or how to train, hydrate, and feed yourself while wearing out your bicycle tires and stretching your chain.  The road we share to ride bikes on, how we should behave to stay alive and how we should behave to become acceptable by the non-cycling community, or whether we should bother about what society thinks of us cyclists, is a political matter, and to a certain extend it is “tolerated”.  To a certain extend a cyclist with proper cycling specific attire, helmet, lights, fenders, brakes, reflectors, can coexist in this forum with a youthful, careless, fixed cyclist with no brakes, no helmet, bermuda shorts and flying open shirt, baseball cap turned backwards, crossing the road while the light is red.

Intelligence is partly the ability to recognize patterns of human behavior and social impact, to see through certain expression, to predict and identify certain characteristics.  But some of us are dumb, time and time again we fall for the bait placed casually in public domain.  For example, in this hypothetical cycling forum, where it is common to see pictures of everyone’s bike builds, a newcomer places this photo of his customized bicycle.  All fine with the bike but it has a swastika on it.  In finer print it calls for boycotting brand X as being a Zionist project to infiltrate and corrupt the fine culture of White, Blue-eyed, Heterosexual, Male, Anglo-Saxons.  You see giggles and likes to this mechanical marvel, not many pay attention to a bunch of stickers, they would rather “like” the gears and the handlebar tape color.

You can’t help being silent, and you can’t help not being offensive to such a display “in public domain”.  You know where it comes from and the role it plays in becoming casual and commonly acceptable.  Racism, anti-semitism, anti-communism.  Racism of all sorts (gender, religion, race, sexual preference, nationality), and the common other two are part of this anti-human murderous identity.  So, even though you may reject symbolism at heart, you know what it is used for, always!  You know that engaging with a professional populist in public domain is usually the fastest way to be alienated from the “domain”.  At best you will be treated as an equal and be escorted “out” so the forum can return to its “normalcy”, but now having stricter rules about how “politics”, any kind, are no longer welcomed.  The gatekeepers of this public domain, own the space, the ground, the air, of this public domain.

So how many such trolls do you think agencies like the NSA employ to do exactly this all day long, all around the net, in every language and topic you can possibly imagine?


Because the establishment has no fear of fascists, they are manufactured by the establishment so they can maintain control and have a choke-hold on the masses.  Fascism is not really an ideology, it is enforcing the will and decisions of the powerful to the masses by brutal force.  So when do fascists appear and when do they become dormant (like snakes in the cold season)?  When there is a need by the establishment to implement anti-popular changes, social, economic, and political, there is a likelihood that a movement from below will rise and cause them problems.  This is when there is a need for counter measures such as the appearance of fascist groups.  What is their main goal and utility?  To isolate and erase those sources of instigating movements against the establishment.  To make sure society remains pathetic and accepting of any change is enforced upon it.

Look around you in physical space, and look around in your digital space.  Sterile apolitical people trying to spend their day without worries, without stress, without anticipating when their enemies will strike, without willingness to participate in some form of resistance against those who try to make their lives worse and harder.  Like ostriches putting their heads in the sand so they can no longer see the enemy coming.

There are those of you who can feel fascism coming, because you can feel the counter change taking place as we speak.  Fewer political rights and influence of people to governments, fewer human rights, fewer labor rights, less pay more tax, less food more work, less rest more agony.  You know the fascists are coming, but there is not much you can do.  You are banned and prohibited of alerting those around you.  In the name of neutrality (and having fun) anti-fascists have been neutralized.  It doesn’t matter what you vote for, international financial organizations dictate social, political, economic policies and there is nothing we can do about it.  No politics.  No debate, no argument, no conflict here.  We just want to spend out time talking and giggling about our hobbies, the few we have left in the fewer and fewer free spaces allowed, under stringent rules of silent participation.

After all anti-fascists have been defeated, put into trains and sent to concentration camps, Nazi occupation is not that bad, is it?  If you silently go to work, silently eat a small bowl of slush, silently look to the ground, and say “hail my fuhrer” whenever you see a “uniformed officer of peace” there is nothing to worry about.  Sure, you can have your facebook, as long as it is wiped out of antifascists, your hobby forums, your video chat, your porn and your marketplace, you can sell yourself and buy others freely.


Fascism is not an ideology, it is not a choice, it is not an opinion.  It is a mechanism fabricated by the establishment (the moderate centrist establishment) to defeat all social resistance to those that rule and control.

So who is really in the concentration camp after all, you idiot?

The jew, the communist, the anarchist, or the rest of you?

IT IS COMING, not here as long as I can have a say on it, but all around us.  Social, economic, political, change for the worse for the vast majority of us and to the benefit of the few, the wealthiest, and the most powerful.




PS  The example presented about a bicycle forum is total fiction, to divert attention from real situations on a real forum of an anti-systemd forum.  Removing the content of neo-nazi propaganda, along with those that confronted him, leaves the piece of shit to continue and participate as an “equal” member of the community.  The excuse of the moderator is fairly common.  “This has been proven to be the most effective way to handle a crisis in other forums”.  Exactly what the agency troll wanted to begin with!

25 thoughts on “Forums and social media without politics – Are they political?

  1. An den Vodafone “Kundenservice”:
    ihr seid scheiße von oben bis unten, null Leistung, null Bandweite,
    dafür reichlich Abzocke ohne Ende, hat niemand mehr Lust weiter für
    abzudrücken, Scheiß ISP, können wir echt nicht empfehlen.
    Geht kacken und bringt einfach mal irgendeine Gegenleistung ihr Fotzen.


  2. With this post, you demonstrated your lack of intelligence. A shame, I liked reading about your systemd rants.
    By the way, I haven’t read this post. And never will read any of your shit again. I don’t even have to read this to know that you’re a massive retard, fallen prey to the virus of cultural marxism.
    There is such a thing as being politics-free within a community or the scope of a technical discussion. It’s just that your rotten, eternally triggered PC brains cannot understand this.


  3. *******
    You neo-nazi piece of little shit take that jagged little cross you have and shove it.

    My intelligence, …. no intelligence what so ever. None needed to deal with chicken shit like yourself.
    How can you evaluate my intelligence if you are saying you didn’t read the article genius?

    Go crawl back the hole you came out from.


  4. I think the stereotype is false, that wearing a cap “backwards” expresses an attitude. At times the sun is shining from behind the direction you are walking, if you are sensible you will point the rim behind, shade the back of your neck, and prevent sunburn. Conversely, at times you are walking into the sun, turn the cap so the rim faces forwards, to give your face some shade.

    In my observation, that’s what real people do. I don’t know where the stereotype comes from, but I have encountered it before. I suspect it comes from some show on television. Reluctantly I am coming to suspect, that some people here are TV users. I think TVs and smartphones are essentially fascist gadgets, both in form and content, and addictive, and they dwarf systemd in terms of damage to free thought and expression.

    In recent years, when I drive, I notice more and more pedestrians crossing in the middle of the block without even looking, all the while staring down at their smartphones. So it gets worse than just bicycles crossing against the light. Do the phones emit a stupid ray? Maybe they get to be smart phones by sucking intelligence from the user.


  5. fascism tends to spread as disease among the uneducated and those with nearly no critical abilities what so ever. How often do you hear people speaking about a public matter any more and expressing their own personal criticism. The majority of people discuss matters by reproducing news “titles” of something like the page. Not even content. If you ask them for specifics on the news story they mention it is obvious they never went beyond the title. This has substituted processing capacity. People feel educated by being up to date on the buzzword and buzz-stories on social media.

    It takes some level of critical ability to know when to turn your baseball cap backwards, but to know what is the current in-style of wearing the cap doesn’t take much ability. It is as if the vast majority has turned into a dumb backup machine. They are photographing data while they have no clue on the contents. They re-tweet information 🙂

    Many years ago I walked into a store and asked for the cheapest nokia phone, even if it was a discontinued model, it was even better. That’s what I still have. I get irritated when my friend asks me to do something on her gadget to free up some space, I hate even touching the stupid thing (android).


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