New Obarun iso images – minimal and JWM

Obarun is trully Arch-Linux without systemd.  It has come with a minimalist window manager since its inception more than 3 years ago.  In the past 2 years with JWM and originally with OpenBox, hence the OB in the original name.

Since early September Obarun comes with a minimal no-X image as well, that is about 1/2 a GB in size.  The latest one is the minimal iso that came out October 2nd Obarun_x86_64-2018-10.iso w/ md5sum…  which will be updated at the beginning of each month.

The second called e.g. Obarun-JWM_x86_64-2018-09.iso contains a Desktop installation (in this case JWM). This ISO will be updated two or three times a year. This ISO is essentially made as a demonstration tool but includes the same installer (# obarun-install).

This new ISO release politic is made to be able to provide a rescue system always up to date and minimize the risk of bugs coming from package changes. It’s easy to install a Desktop system from the minimal ISO with obarun-install.

Check this location for the latest images: Download Links

What you need to know in order to log onto obarun live:

  • root login : root
  • root password : toor
  • user login : obarun
  • user password : toor

Sudo works on the user (obarun) by default (member of wheel group).

If you want to change the keyboard on X session, open a terminal and type :

$ setxkbmap fr

Replace fr by your preferred language code

If you want to change the keyboard on console type :

# loadkeys fr

Replace fr by your preferred language code

# obarun-install

to run the installer

Unlike Artix which is based on Arch and developing into a separate distribution, Obarun is aiming at using S6 as an init system of Arch-Linux and untangle systemd/libsystemd dependencies as possible.  Basically it is Arch-Linux without systemd.  In my experience Obarun is both stable and fun, and is supported by the friendliest group of people one may find in the open source community.

If you are new to JWM and like minimalist window managers such as: openbox, awesome, i3, etc. look at this site for a guide on how to set it up and configure it.

All we ask from you is some feedback on what you liked and what you didn’t like about it, either here or at the Obarun Forum.

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