Search term that lead someone to sysdfree (this site)

In most cases there is not much to talk about.  The vast majority is people seeking information on distributions that use init systems other than systemd.  In most cases people end up looking through the list of distributions, occasional reading specific stories on a specific distribution or a general review.  It is not very often out of the thousands of hits to get any feedback in what else people might be interested in that we can provide information on.  But here is a search that breaks our monotony.

fedora without systemd”

We don’t want to make fun  of whoever was running the search, after all, it is a possible combination of variables across the open and free/non-free universe of linux and non-linux unix world.  What would be impossible to search for would have been systemd without systemd.  Even redhat without systemd is a possibility.  I know some of you are smiling already on the ridiculous possibility and kind of anticipate how bitter I may become next, but I will surprise you.  And why is this so ridiculous and asking for debian without systemd isn’t as ridiculous?  To devuan, antix, mx, it is a serious business.  But what would hurt more and hit closer to home than to run fedora or redhat, RHEL even, without systemd?

Wrong again!  Speculating without researching?  Look at what we discovered but have not dared try it yet, having “0” experience with RD or fedora systems.


All three  are listed as non-systemd init distributions based on fedora or redhat.

Isn’t this the beauty of open free software, the ability to choose and combine infinitely?  Isn’t also the basis of systemd criticism, the effort to take this freedom of choice and combination away from the user and in the hands of a handful major distribution’s developers’ hands?

On an unrelated, maybe, matter, just today in an arch based distribution we tried to install tor from an AUR package, tor-git to be specific.  If one looks at pkgbuilt and install script, they will see that tor now requires libsystemd and systemd itself to be installed.  We edited the script and replaced this dependency and the pkg built, and it run with full functions without systemd.  It makes you wonder why tor and the packager actually put it there when a more universal edition would have been just as easy.

Be alert and ready, the choke mechanism is getting tighter.  The more successful the alternatives to systemd become, the more brutal the hits we will be faced with.  It is not over, and it is not clearly tipping towards one side or the other.  I am not even sure whether sides are two or more or that the other side is all good or better.  Keep an open mind about it.  The only sides I can clearly see is the larger corporate side against all little guys and independent projects.  The likes of MS, Google, Oracle, are in this game.  In a way even Mozilla is such a player, it is not only the systemd affiliates, like Gnome, freedesktop, pulseaudio, etc.

Yes, Fedora without systemd, don’t laugh about it.  We made Manjaro work with Obarun’s S6 infrastructure, and we thought it was an achievement.  Devuan, Antix, MX are still making Debian work without systemd, and it is a struggle on a daily basis.  Why not RHEL without systemd.  What can be better?  Poettering’s mom using OpenRC, runit, or s6?

It is not over yet.  This will last some years to come, and systemd is not the only front and division.  More than half of distributions already have incorporated NSA code into their kernel and people are banned from forums and lists from criticizing such decisions.  The large corporations are sure 100% in favor of such “collaborations”.

Can you really tell where is this “ship” heading to?  Can you be at ease if the “vessel” survived other storms it will survive this or the next one?  Don’t turn ahistorical on me.  Anything floating can sink and will most likely sink given some time.  Even a balloon.

One thought on “Search term that lead someone to sysdfree (this site)

  1. asianux in its 2017 release did pickup up systemd. Scientific Linux 6.10 is based on RHEL v6, supported until 2020, no systemd because it’s based on an older release (same details are applicable to CentOS v6.10)

    So, what do you call cheese that isn’t your cheese?

    nacho cheese


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