History of Arch without systemd

archartixWhile researching the development of consolekit and its fork, consolekit2, I run into a really interesting thread in the Arch forum.  This was the beginning of Arch-OpenRC it seems and this is how the Arch hierarchy dealt with the inquiry and proposals.  The very first thing they did was to hide the thread from search engines, visible only to registered users.  Then they tried to push the guy in pursuit of this project to do what he wants elsewhere, not seek collaboration through the Arch forum.  The guy is none other than @Artoo, the force behind the Manjaro-OpenRC project, and one of the people who last year founded Artix.Some parts of this discussion that started 6 years ago in the Arch forum should be backed up and saved for historical purposes.  One can still get mad at the resistance and the cheap excuses administrators of a large forum of a large distro can come up to silence anything challenging their dominance.  Is Arch better than Debian?  It is hard to tell, or it is hard to understand how Arch evolved to be less accommodating to systemd dominance.



2012-11-09 23:55:23

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OpenRC & eudev on Arch

Hello forum,

I came across the discussion on OpenRC as an alternative to systemd.

Hence I installed OpenRC from AUR and fixed a couple of bugs and now have an almost perfectly running Arch with OpenRC on my test vbox which runs on Gentoo host.

Now the question.

How would I get in touch with the creator(s) of the OpenRC package build(s) to possibly submit fixes/patches?

Posts that make you want to ……!!  &(^*^$&$#_)**_&*!!


2012-11-10 00:20:09

From: Pasadena, CA

Re: OpenRC & eudev on Arch

May as well move this topic now.  Moved to topics going nowhere.

Then, once the topic received more and more attention by users (and a moderator) they move it again to the AUR section, as it is politically dangerous to act against hard work that is successful and is producing true alternatives to the monopoly!

2012-11-21 16:17:23

From: France
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Re: OpenRC & eudev on Arch

Jristz wrote:

eudev (the gentoo fork) […] can by usefull I think, for relly only in openRC whitout systemd

I’d strongly advice against that. Looking through the initial commits to eudev it appears the people behind it don’t know what they are doing. Luckily, it is relatively easy to just build/install udev from the systemd sources.

Six years later we find eudev pretty much available in every distro that does not use systemd and that is because it is a better choice than udev.  It seems as those developers in Gentoo “who didn’t know what they were doing” must really knew what they were doing, or at least they found out what to do right.

2012-11-10 05:31:18


Re: OpenRC & eudev on Arch

WorMzy wrote:

TGN isn’t the dustbin.

True, but I find it questionable to move a well meant thread in a “topics going nowhere”.
I  tried to ask if the Arch community would be interested in a little community project to implement OpenRC.Now, the thread is only visible to logged in users. rollI have also read the post of some gentoo dev to kindly provide any assistance.
So the category the thread has been moved is rather discouraging to get involved in the Arch community.Such thing would not happen on the gentoo forum, I have to say.


And here is @Artoo ready to explode with the stupidity he is facing!

2012-11-10 12:32:42


Re: OpenRC & eudev on Arch


Scimmia wrote:

And this statement is exactly why this thread was moved. We have had the systemd discussion over and over again. If you don’t want systemd, don’t use Arch. Simple. The forum mods certainly aren’t going to give you the platform to preach your beliefs on the matter and try to develop an alternative when it really has nothing to do with ArchLinux. What you’re talking about is creating a derivative distro, which is fine, but don’t expect to develop it here.

All I comment is that you obviously don’t have a clue about open source principles and philosophy, and your answer fits best into a monolithic beast of the windows world view.

I already use Gentoo as main OS, but I have experience with linux and programming for 20 years now and with almost all distros except for Red Hat.

Linux is about choice dude.

Can we count on Scimnia being one of the original systemd trolls crawling through linux forums?  Isn’t it funny how history proves who is really who?

Here is another celebrity coming aboard:  MrGreene, the man behind the later project known as ArchBang that run Openbox with OpenRC.

Mr Green
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Re: OpenRC & eudev on Arch

I can manage in a VM without a login manager but would like the option to use one, looking for xdm deamon [maybe in one of the openrc git packages in AUR]

Do have networkmanager working but not nm-applet so thinking either udev or dbus is not working correctly. And need to look at automounting.

Need to read up some more

Then @aaditya joins the bandwagon https://abchk1234.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/using-openrc-on-arch-archbang-manjaro-linux/

The idea of Manjaro-OpenRC is added to Arch and ArchBang.

@nous(arch) is also in the party, the creator of systemd-free.org (now archived in https://systemd-free.artixlinux.org) another founder of Artix who can be found in the Artix forum as @nous(artix)

This is 2015 now, and @artoo who started it all seems to have vanished and migrated his personal show to manjaro, but look what other star has appeared fighting this battle!  @obarun (Eric)

2015-09-09 05:51:09

Re: OpenRC & eudev on Arch

I think is polkit and/or dbus but I don’t know how to fix it

i don’t know how to exactly work openrc but the last version of dbus have a several change for the declaration of the service. take a look on it, may be the dbus service is not declared properly.

Lone_Wolf seems to be around the project since the start, we don’t know who he is really but seems as a very consistent contributor to the development.  Could he be another less vocal member of the Artix group?
In the last 2-3 messages @nous asks an Arch native critic to put some work behind his fat words and claims.  Then an Arch bird decides this thread is going nowhere and closes it down.  Little that he knows that this eventually will become bigger than Arch itself, as it slowly decaying by the systemd virus.


2015-10-03 03:13:08

Re: OpenRC & eudev on Arch

Alad wrote:


So, basically:

1. Install the init, rc, scripts and init-config packages
2. run `svclist`, configure services (here with rc update), and install/enable cron if not done already
3. set the hostname, kernel modules and keymap
4. add your user to legacy groups (audio, video, etc)

Reboot and done – the first step would have replaced the /sbin/init symlink. To undo it, remove the init-config package and reinstall systemd-sysvcompat.

Compare to that horrid 20-step program of systemd-free.tongue

Ah, another easy way… Pardon me, doc, but those are just as many steps, most masqueraded behind a PKGBUILD. The purpose of verbosity in systemd-free’s pages is to clarify what’s done and why – they could just as easily become a two-liner pacman and a few edits afterwards.

And anyway, aren’t you the same fellow who a few months back objected that there isn’t an easy way out or people would run around like headless chickens? What’s changed now? Prove me wrong and put your method in the wiki; those people would be more than thankful if any working migration guide was over there (and not a single fsck.vfat will be given if that’s systemd-free’s or anyone else’s).

What’s more, we would be glad to include your method in systemd-free.org, if you took the time and elaborated a little (or basically provided a simple html page).

Please remember, this is a spare-time effort of three or four hobbyists. Everybody’s more than welcome to contribute and all suggestions or bug reports are very valuable.

Here is another thread the systemd police closed and forced it in hiding (non-public part of the Arch forum).  Obarun, mind you, is simply Arch (all Arch) with s6 as init and supervision system, or Arch free of systemd.  The bird cop says that this is spam.  This was back in 2015 when Obarun was using Runit, right before it switched to S6.  It was still as much Arch as it is today.  Elsewhere on the terrabytes of the Arch forum there are tons of useless and meaningless blober, bad jokes, totally unrelated material, but it is OK.  When an alternative to systemd is presented the “police” shoots it down.  At least you guys are getting your pay-check from RedHat, fighting us working for “free”.


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obarun = arch + runit (without systemd)


archlinux without systemd, it use runit instead of “SystenD [TM]”.

removed ubuntu 15.10 and installed and running obarun.
first impression is quite good, gonna using it for a while.

i am happy 😉

PS: there is various distros without systemd, for your taste, check here:

#2 2015-09-28 02:43:40

Inspector Parrot

Re: obarun = arch + runit (without systemd)

mmix wrote:

… link salad …


What is the purpose of this post?  Is there a question?  Is there a complete thought?  Or is there only spam?


Trilby, you will be documented in history for being a moron and a prick at the same time.  Let’s hope your RedHat pension will extend your miserable existence into the world of reaction to progress.  Your contribution to irrelevance will be well recorded.


Thank you guys @ Artix and @ Obarun, and even @ ArchBang, for helping the “free”dom cause in the computing world.  We appreciate it!

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