Enough is enough!

When you are raised as the “right hand man/woman” in the debian list-o-forums environment, this is what  you become:

Cheerful!  Go Linux Go!

After some instigation and curiosity cultivated by FigOSdev to take a pick back at the Devuan shit-hole I realized how naive I am to allow this crap to crawl back to this “free” and “open” space.  Despite of my appreciation for FigOs and Refracta and their creators, just for being remotely associated with crap I ought to put a filter for the word “Devuan” and make it all disappear from this blog.Palemoon developer being called a liar from this here space  is a total understatement in comparison to the use of the same term for some of the Devuan stuff.  All this creative cutting and pasting that progressively goes on in their forum to make Devuan “clean and trustworthy” looking is sufficient evidence of how dangerous it is.  It truly deserves to be classified as malware and be blocked from all unix-like systems to download anything from them.

I want to kick myself in the behind, if I could, for not running some wget script and make backups of debates that took place there that have now vanished.  And they vanished in progressions not to attract attention by being split, hidden, shifted, edited, and finally deleted.  This really indicates someone who studied and took serious notes of Goebbels‘ strategy.

I really feel sorry for people “pretending” they can treat software as neutral and on technical merit separating from the behavioral characteristics of those in charge of creating it.  I truly feel sorry for the 10GB of space someone will contribute to allow this trash into their computer.  Might as well take a magnet in the shape of a chisel on their disk and scrape it.

This is the last time I will even touch this word again.https://i.imgur.com/2d8Ptvs.jpg


Over and Out!  Not here, not again, not by me.  Feel free to talk about it yourselves, I couldn’t care less, good or bad, critical or praising it like the holly pope.

PS  I dedicate this post to this one person Cynwulf who deviated from the spineless norm of Devuanopaths



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