Artix now has a new primary repository – thanks to @Nadir

UPDATE April 18th 2018

Thanks everyone for their help. A primary mirror has been setup by @Nadir and the secondary ones should resume sync’ing soon. Matej has contacted the administrator of an academic network, who’s agreed to setup a mirror too. This went better (and sooner) than expected. Well done!

April 16th 2018:  Artix needs our help and we endorse every single positive attribute to the great work that they have contributed to the Open/Free world.  This is a serious call for help, especially if you are either rich or working within a large computing organization, such as a major university you can help.  Their single master repository server that their 4 mirrors depended on is gone.  Here is their own announcement:

2018-04-11 — We have lost our primary mirror. We are in need of a new (and really stable) main mirror and multiple secondary mirrors located around the world. The primary mirror will have to rsync at regular intervals from our build server (every 30 minutes or so) and the secondary mirrors will in turn rsync from the primary mirror somewhat less frequently. Good bandwidth and at least 30 GBs of disk space (for now, we will need more in the future) is what we currently need. Please contact us if you can provide such a server or know someone who can.

Artix from day one, when they made the leap from Manjaro-OpenRC and Arch-OpenRC, have more than delivered what was promissed with astonishing stability and support.  They have even made progress in fronts not even promised, as having a choice of two init systems other than systemd.  Both OpenRC and Runit are native init systems.  This is by no means a small other distribution, as the wealth of packages is nearing 1/3 of Arch already, while it is very rare anyone observing a problem with the remaining 2/3.  We should do our best to help out.  Although they are asking for server space we know that money can solve problems and it is better for it to be coming from us, from below, rather than from the industry (above), or governing agencies of all sorts.  Let’s say they had a fund-raising concert and we went there, paid $6 to get in and had 3 drinks while we sat on U-tube and drank what we had in the kitchen.  So drink up for Artix people, they are worth it in a big way!

This is all my saying about donations, they have only asked for server space not money.  Here is their more technical specifications of what they need:

As many of you know, our primary mirror ( was taken down  the past April 7th by his owner. The reasons had not been clarified and we don’t know if it is going to come back any time soon, or any time at all.

We are in real need of a new ( and really stable ) main  mirror and multiple secondary mirrors located around the world, is for that that we ask you, our community to help us to spread this message over the Internet, in social networks, blogs, forums, IRC channels and other media.

We are in need with urgency  any of the following:

  • A primary mirror that will offer rsync of our repositories to other secondary mirrors and will sync itself from our build server
  • A virtual or bare metal server with good network bandwidth that we could manage ourselves to set up our principal mirror

Apart from that we also need more nodes for our automatic packages build infrastructure, the requirements for those nodes are:

  • i7 CPU (or similar) with at least 8 cores
  • 4 or more GB of RAM ( ideally eight or more than eight )
  • Artix GNU/Linux installed on it
  • Full root access

If you are in position to help us with your own infrastructure or you are in position to offer a mirror or a bare metal machine  in your college, high school or work place, contact with us by any medium that you like or just answer to this post in the forum

Where to find us?

Thank you.

Donate using Liberapay

… and wordpress is removing the paypal button 😐

2 thoughts on “Artix now has a new primary repository – thanks to @Nadir

    click the “Help” link and fill in the form, explaining what services are needed. Refracta and various other projects are using their hosting. I don’t know if they provide 30 jigabits per second bandwitch, but they’ve been a time-tested stable host for mirroring.


  2. I don’t think either the team or whoever provided them with server space expected such a quick success. Imagine a few hundred people updating and upgrading all day long and artix pumping out more and more pkgs and revisions day and night. I think they have cut down on uploading newer pkgs in the past few days trying to relieve stress from mirrors. Time to beg the universities for some bandwidth.


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